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New to the Journal

Well, I’ve been meaning to put up something like this for a while, but haven’t really had the time recently to write it. Right now I have the time, so now it’s when I should do this.

Welcome to all of you who are new to this Journal. It’s just a collection of essays and thoughts I have been writing for my daughter and her children, mainly to explain what I am, what I believe and how to live a good life. So, if you find use for all this, well and good.

Use this in good health.

I am Erin, also know (mundanely) as Joy Phillip. I am a father of one girl, wife to the most wonderful woman in the universe, a (fe)male of the species Homo Sapien, druid and witch in my beliefs and practice, a Seax-Wican in some basic practice, but moving away from that. I am a devote of Rhiannon of the Birds and Herne the Hunter. I tend to live in Sacred Space so I don’t generally do rituals.

I am an author, a tarot reader, a person who writes blogs and who is very opinionated. I tend to be a Democrat, although some of my attitudes are very Conservative. On the political specturm I’m probably a moderate.

I used to be an activist. I worked long and hard to help defeat the “Religious Freedom Amendment” back in 1997 when Rep Istook of Oklahoma introduced it for the first time. It’s back again and again.

I am a cynic and a pragmatist. I am both a Submissive and a Dominant in the BDSM world, which makes me officially a Switch. I am working on trying to combine both the spirituality of BDSM and the spirituality of Paganism. I work in Information Technology, which means I fix computers for a living.

I am a member of the “working poor”. We make just enough money anually to not qualify for anything (like food stamps or reduced school lunches), but not enough to pay for everything it takes to live (like doctor’s visits and medication). As such, I am a radical in that I think something needs to change and soon.

I crossdress from time to time and I enjoy it. If I could be a female I would, but I think I would miss being male. So I am not doing anything. I know my mother and father just had heartattacks from reading that. But I’m beyond being worried and trying to live up to expectations of others. This is an old part of the information. I’ve changed my mind and no longer crossdress, because I’m in the process of transitioning to female all the time. I’ve been living as a woman 24/7 for the last several years.

I think that if I ran the world, things would be better. There is another blog post I put up about me being a snob.

I am a Cat Therian, dragonkin and acknowledged kitsune, and that’s a post all in itself. I like it that way. I sometimes feel my tail and it is so right.

I’m a diabetic and an alcoholic. I was adicted to pain killers some time ago, and managed to throw it off after a lot of work and personal introspection.

I can send my consciouness to other locations, in the past it was called “remote viewing”. This means that while my body and my soul stay where they are, I can see other places and times. But I know enough to be able to teach Astral Projection.

I am a Magickian. Becuase I’m a pragmatist, I tend toward the Chaos magick, using whatever works or looks likely to work. That can be very ritualistic summonings from the Geotia, a simple candle ritual, a guided meditation or pathworking, Astral Projection or simply willing the change to be. I also write about them.

So, there you go. That’s me in a nutshell. I work my tail off to be considerate of others, and most of this (besides the spiritual things) I post to my livejournal (which is private, sorry). I post about spiritual matters here, talk about what is new in this site, question things touching on Druidism, shamanism, totemism, animism, Witchcraft, Wicca and so on. I try not to shove my personal beliefs in other’s faces if I can help it, but there will be time when I mention it, and I want you to know about it.

So, stay if you want to and feel free to read through here. Together maybe you and I can find out just how high this tornado of existance will carry our house and if there is another side of the Rainbow.

Welcome, welcome and thrice welcome. Namaste. Come in, sit down, help yourself to the stew. Let me find some brews for us. That’s the remote for the CD player or for the TV. I have Emerald Rose, The Eagles and the Black Eyed Peas on the changer. I think I left the TV on Discovery, but it may be on Cartoon Network.

Hope you are comfortable.

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