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New Site LIVE


Okay, you may have noticed that I changed everything. I have the development site live now.

No need to change your shortcuts, it’s still at http://davensjournal.com .

There are still some housekeeping chores to do, like making the links all work. So if you come across a page/post where the links are pointing at the wrong place, let me know please? Just leave a comment on that article or post and I’ll get it.

I don’t have a page up for the links out to other sites just yet, and my classes are scarce. I plan on rectifying those problems soon.

Let everyone know, let your blog readers know, let those who just casually drop by that the new site is live. There will be some kicking the tires and so on, but I think this one is going to be a lot nicer.

And please, on this post, tell me what you think? I’d love to hear it.

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5 Responses to “New Site LIVE”

  1. Looks good – seems a bit less cluttered than it was.

  2. Erin Daven says:

    Well, there’s more space on the page what with taking it from 800×600 resolution to up to 1600×1200 screen width space. And I pulled much of the content from the right of the front page and put it to the left or got rid of it all together. Makes a difference.

  3. Xiri says:

    Well, you used to have this class / course on Magick (I can’t remember the title, but involved several different traditions).

    And now, poof… it’s gone :-s

    Be well,

    • Erin Daven says:

      Yes, I did. I’m working on converting the individual lessons into PDF files and then I will link them to the main site again.

      See, the problem was that WordPress has a limit on the number of words in a page or post. The lessons you speak of violated that all over the place (10K words translates to about 6-7 pages, each lesson was about 18-20 pages) and it won’t let me post them here. So once I get them formatted and updated, they will be back under “Classes”.

  4. Xiri says:

    Oh, thanks for letting know! I guess it explains everything.

    Be well,

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