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New feature

To encourage people to register and post here, I have set up gravatars [1] on my comments section. It will allow you to have an avatar that you can take with you from one blog to another, to Blogspot, to all other blogs and some places like PHP BBS as well.

It’s a little “Gee golly” feature. If you want me to host the gravatar, I can, but you have to register with my blog (meaning that when you comment, you use the “register” link to make sure the system knows who you are). When I get notification, I can “promote” you to a user of the blog and you will have the ability to upload your avatar, and it will give you a location for the avatar. Copy and paste that into the “Gravatar” section of the admin pannel for WordPress, and you got it.

Right now, I’m the only one with a Gravatar. It’s cool, but seeing all those question marks is kinda boring.