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New Article excerpt


I’m breaking from tradition here to excerpt a new article I wrote because I think it’s THAT important that you read this article. It’s on the Journal in it’s entirety, but I’m putting up a teaser here. I really hope you like it. And yes, when I posted this to my Livejournal and asked for comments, I got an earfull.

Okay, we have heard the pleas from others for Pagan Unity. We have heard the litany against that idea, mostly because it will take away our individuality. Nowhere can I find a list of why we should, other than the articles asking for that unity in tones like unto Oliver Twist asking for more food.

So, let me see if I can make a few points that are relevant but not the same old litany.

And understand something before replying and giving me an earful, I am against total Unity. I think that putting all Pagan and NeoPagan faiths into a blender and hitting “frappe” is the wrong thing to do. I think that if this were to happen that an essential part of Paganism would be lost, the ability to choose. Many of us came to NeoPaganism or Paganism or Reconstructionism or whatever because of the general sameness of the mainstream religions out there. The basic credos were the same; they only fiddled with the details (like whether or not a skirt should be worn by women or if pants were acceptable).

I have spent my time defending the “no Unity” side of things, but in an attempt to understand the OTHER side of the argument, I started thinking and playing Devil’s Advocate in my head. And I almost convinced myself that it’s important to have unity on some level. Which for me is astounding.

Okay, to list my reasons in favor of Unity:

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