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New Archdruid


I was reading “The Wildhunt” today and I noticed that the ADF has elected a new Arch Druid.

I’d like to add my congratulations to all the other wishes of well to Rev. Kirk Thomas, the new head Druid in the ADF.

How does this affect me as an independent druid? Well, it really doesn’t, except that the leadership of one of the major Druid groups is going to swing a huge club and shape how not only the ADF, but Druids in general are seen in the future.

I’ve known Isaac for a couple years, had the honor of talking to him via email once or twice. I’ve reviewed books by Skip Ellison and also talked to him via email a couple times on websites and email lists that we shared. I have found both men to be very intelligent and open to new ideas, while still maintaining the highest standards for themselves and their Order. Kirk has a HUGE set of shoes to fill.

That said, I don’t know Kirk at all. I’ve never talked to him, nor have I had the honor of reading any of his works. I am going to have to take it on faith that he will be as good as Isaac and Skip have been.

I hope that with this changing of the leadership, some of the problems that have kept me at arm’s length with the ADF will be corrected and worked with. The next few years are going to be very interesting for Druids of every Order.

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One Response to “New Archdruid”

  1. Calliean says:

    I’ve known Kirk for awhile now and if there is anyone out there that can fill those shoes, it’s Kirk. He is amazing, intelligent, accessible and a super nice guy to boot. ADF will be well served by him. 🙂

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