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My Copyright Page

Well, circumstances have conspired to force me to come up with a Copyright page, laying out in plain terms what uses of my work are acceptable and which are not.

I really didn’t want it to come to this, but I’m seeing more and more theft of intellectual property from more and more sites.  It seems that certain fluffy members of the Canar communities can’t be bothered with writing their own damned material, they have to go and take other people’s work.  With this statement, I hope to avoid the accusation of “I didn’t tell anyone”.

People, I work long and hard for the money I need to support my family.  I do this journal in my spare time.  I write my lessons in my spare time.  I do everything that has to do with Canaric life, Paganism, Druidism, Wicca and spirituality in my spare time.  This means that in many cases I short change my family to write what you see here.  Seeing this posted to other people’s sites, without my name or my email address on it PISSES me off to no end, and it’s illegal.  I don’t mind you taking it and using it, but doing so without permission and claiming it as YOUR work, or worse, as “unattributed” makes me see red.  If this continues, I will pull this site entirely and sic some lawyers on you all.  I watch for my work appearing elsewhere, and I do notify offenders.

Now, on to the legal stuff.

All original work © Erin.

This is the one unbreakable rule.  I have a LOT of original work on this site, and ALL of it is mine.  I claim sole copyright over all of it.  If that seems harsh to you, tough.  That’s life.  I created it, and I am the only one who can say who gets to use it.

Now in fair use, I do allow certain uses of my work without asking.

  1. My work may be used as defined by United States Copyright guidelines for “Fair Use
  2. Personal use (meaning you and your immediate family) is allowed as long as the article is credited accurately to me.  Yes, under this statement, you MAY, without asking me, put my article in your personal Book of Shadows or reference library with the “© Erin” statement I provide. You may not repost or broadcast it further without my permission however.
  3. Educational institutions (online or off) may use my work so long as it is clearly attributed and the statement “Copyright Erin http://erinsjournal.com All rights reserved” appears on the article in question.  The work must appear in it’s entirety and be unaltered other than formatting the appearance.  (IE, you can format my article to make it blend in with your teaching materials, but it must still say the same thing. And I would still like to hear that you are using my words. I have an ego that needs stroking too.)
  4. No other use without notification is allowed

All requests to use my work will be considered.  Email me and we will discuss it.  My standard “package” to allow use for a website or posting to a newsgroup or email list is this:

  1. The work must be unaltered.  You can format it to fit the “theme” of your site, but that is all.
  2. There must be a link to the original article on this site OR to the front page of the site.
  3. There must be a link to my email, daven@erinsjournal.com
  4. It must clearly state that the author is myself and have the copyright statement “Copyright Erin  All rights reserved http://erinsjournal.com

Now, all this assumes you are wanting to use MY work.  Let me take a minute and tell you how you know MY work from anyone else’s work on this site.

It will have my signature at the bottom of the article.  Yes, that is really my signature, and I include it on EVERY piece that I write, with the sole exception being the stories on the Fiction page.  However, I don’t generally give out permission to reprint those other than as a ZIP file.  If my signature does NOT appear at the bottom of the page, it’s probably someone else’s authorship.  If you have a doubt as to whether or not I wrote a particular piece, email me and ask.  Give me the title and URL of the page, and I can tell you if I wrote it or not.

If I don’t have my name on it as the author or at the bottom, it’s probably not my work and you can’t use it, except as specified in the copyright of the work itself.  For instance, if the article I have on this site says “Blackfluffbunnie allows this work to be redistributed so long as the work stays intact and the copyright statement remains intact” you can take it and use it unaltered for what ever you want to.  I have tried to honor the copyrights of others here.

If you see your work here and it does NOT have a proper copyright statement on it, email me immediately and I will attribute it properly or remove it as you wish me to. Just ask a couple people who’s work I have accidentally used without their permission how quickly I take care of this.  I hate it when my work is unattributed, so I won’t do it to you. Amber Fisher is one of the affected authors who told me and the same day I got notification, I had her copyright up on the site, much to her relief.

If you are writing a book and want to include my work, ask first.  Don’t assume that because I allow a website or a private individual to use my work that I will automatically allow you to use it, some of this material I want to publish myself in the future.  So before using the work, planning on using the work or what have you, ask me.

One more thing.  I have released the graphics on The Elements of Erin into the public domain.  This means that I have voluntarily surrendered my copyright of those graphics and only those graphics to anyone who wants to use them for any purpose.  Use them in good health. I have, however, disabled the ability for you to take them and leave them on my server.  That’s called “hotlinking” and it’s illegal.

See, copying my graphics to your website is fine.  Then you can link them to whatever post you want to use them for, forums, LiveJournals, or whatever.  But taking the URL of my graphic and just posting it in your forum STEALS MY BANDWIDTH.  I will do my best to get your thrown off the Internet for doing this.  It’s my money you are taking out of MY pocket like that.  Use the graphics, that’s fine.  Use your own bandwidth to serve them to the rest of the world.  Not mine.

One last thing, you may want to read this article by Wren Walker, and the two sites she references.

Originally posted 2009-10-27 15:26:37. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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