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Morrighan Dream

Well, how does one describe being a channel for a Deity in a dream? That’s what just happened.

I was at a coven activity. I got the impression it was a Esbat, but I’m not sure. I do know that I saw everyone in terms of power flows and auras.

The person I was being was away from the main body of the ritual. Like a guardian or something. His purpose was to act as a buffer. He was not supposed to be interacting with the coven during this ritual.

There were two going on. One was an initiation of some sort for a child. My mind interperted this to be my daughter Rhiannon, but it was not her. The other was an advancement of another person, who needed the shit scared out of him.

One of the first things that happened when She showed up was for Her to talk to the person I was using. For a while there I was present, She was present and the person who was channeling us was presnet, all at the same time. I have no clue what She said to him, but we went to the ritual.

The reaction was interesting. The initiation had just finished. Young girl about 13 or so JUST got done with her initiation. The advancement had not happened yet. All were standing in a Circle getting ready to start. She didn’t even have to announce Herself, She simply strode into the Circle and started.

There were some personal messages for the HP and HPS, who knew what was going on instantly, even to the fact that I was there. Dude who was sans clue had a smirk on his face, and I could almost see what he was thinking. He honestly believed that this was fake and that he would fool everyone. He had no idea.

First thing was that She took new child to a mirror, started talking to her from behind. Had the girl look into the mirror and start meditating. She talked her into a trance. And then She left her. It was almost as though She wanted to turn this girl off for a while, and to correct some problems that she was having that the parents/teachers of this girl couldn’t teach her.

The theme of this act was “you don’t know it all”. It was the Morrighan teaching this little lady that she was not nearly as experienced as she thought she was. It WAS the Sensei taking the yellow belt to the mat and proving that while he had some knowledge, it wasn’t nearly enough to justify his cockyness.

The Morrighan had some more personal stuff for others, the real operators. I have no idea what it was.

THEN she turned her sites on the asshat.

I instantly identified this jerk as Steve, my boss. Same kind of smirky snarkiness of “I’m in control no matter what happens.” He was not going to believe this was a genuine manifestation. So, she decided to prove it to him.

It was interesting, becasue she was feeling very playful, very trickster and very contrary. She felt like I assume Harley Quinn from Batman feels, playful and upbeat and happy and going to fuck your world. There was an edge there, an insanity, but it was never crossed, but it WAS approched several times.

Asshat was singled out, and he knew he would be. I could see his thoughts by this time, and knew what he was thinking and feeling. She pointed out to him that his belief of Her not being manifest was obviously incorrect, and for Her to come out through a guy is even more odd. But as a deity, She could do what ever the hell She wanted to.

She stood in front of him. He was being disbelief. She started telling him things about himself that the person She and I were being wouldn’t have a clue about. Things like his bleeding ulsers from stress at work (which he had apprently been going through hell and highwater to hide from everyone). She pointed out that if he as actually all that, he would have more of what he wanted, instead of the shit he had now. She pointed out to him some things about his homelife too. Like the fact that his children would go to their mother and ask her “If daddy says that a good parent does (this), and then he doesn’t do that, does that make him a bad father?” or something to that effect. Basically she impeached his work and his parenthood. She verbally sliced him into little quivering shreds. I think this damned near destroyed him.

She then basically goes “Confusioin, mayhem, chaos and disorder. My work here is done.” She went back to the girl who was still lost in trance, put her hand on the girls head, said “My blessings upon you all, watch the ravens, they will tell you where strife is.” and she left. Straight up taking the soul of the girl with her. Which resulted in the child collapsing. Still alive, but I think that She wanted to show this girl a LOT more than She had so far.

It also took 90% of my energy with Her when She departed, as well as the guy we were both being. He collapsed.

I woke up.

I have a feeling that this was an OOBE for me, to a real situation, and I was interperting real people and their ways of being as people I knew. Basically “who’s the closest fit so I can give a visual to him”? Steve at a Pagan Ritual. Not happening. But this guy felt like a larger, more dangerous, more assinine version of Steve. The girl felt like a young kid who’s major problem was that she thought she knew everything and was clueless. It was lack of experieince. Other than that, no problem.

The other 8 people at this gathering knew what was going on, and were not concerned with the Morrighan showing up unexpectedly like this. And the Morrighan was feeling very trickster, very Eris. Not wanting or trying to hurt or maim, just wanting to shake the world of some people.

I have no clue why I was there. She didn’t say three words to me, although She knew I was there. Maybe it was to show me that She is not all about death and murder. I don’t know.

Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to “Morrighan Dream”

  1. Circe says:

    Hi. A few years ago coming home from college i saw a whole telephone line filled with crows. A few days later my husband and I got into a car accident because some guy swerved into our lane. We rolled three times and ended up upside down, our car being held by a couple of very skinny, spindly trees. Directly behind the trees was a ravine about two hundred feet deep, had we gone over we would never have survived. The only goddess that ever held my interest for long was Morrighan, but the whole death and destruction thing put me off. I’m of mostly Celtic descent. I had a encounter with a korrigan in a dream when i was eleven, i thought it was a demon! Recently, for no real reason I started looking up Morrighan and i wondered if maybe she wants me to choose her, or she has chosed me?

    I apologise for the rambling nature of this post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would greatly appreciate a response.

    • Erin says:

      Oh, honey, I have no clue. While I do honor the Morrigan in many rituals, I’m not her Priestess.

      If it were me, I’d take some time and meditate on Her, only on her. Listen to what She has to say to you deep in your heart and do your best not to project anything of you on the interaction with Her. Just listen for what She is saying to you.

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