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Well, I have slowly been adding functionality to this blog, and now most of it is done.

First off, I’ve upgraded to the latest versions of everything, from WordPress to ChaitGear’s CGPowerPack to the other plugins that are used in this. I’ve been reading the help files and now I think I’m pretty much done.

The theme is the same as the rest of the Journal, or this bookish version. Which is good since this is the one I like. I have the FrontPage pulling in the feed and displaying the contents so others who surf here can see what I am thinking and writing. And now, due to some EXTRAORDINARY work by David Chait of ChaitGear, I now have the links to these posts opening in the frameset for the Journal, instead of their own window, so you still have the rest of the Journal available to surf in.

See, this RSS Blog is just ONE part of the Journal. There are TONS of articles, something like 50 that I’ve written, there are books and fiction stories for you to look at and read (and maybe buy if you want them), there is my copy of The Tree, a valuable resource in and of itself, and there are my lessons in High Magick and Out of Body Experiences. Plus there are Reviews of other’s books that I have done. That’s not including the rest of the stuff from other people that I have posted (with permission in most cases).

So this is just one little part, a way for me to communicate with you on a one to one level, dynamically. Heck, if I thought I could do it I would probably have an IM system here for you to use to communicate with each other while you rifle through my papers here.

After 6 years, I’m pretty proud of this little corner of the web. And I note that more and more people are coming here. I’m getting about 50 or so unique hits off this blog each day, not including how many people read me without ever coming here. And the sitecounter is saying that I’m getting approximately 100 or so unique hits a day. So things are going well. At least as far as this site is concerned.

I’m really rather proud of what I have created here. But you guys, you readers are the ones who deserve the thanks. You have made this a fairly unique website. One that I obsess over. One that I think is useful. One that seems to get referenced by others regularly.

I’m just not sure how to thank you all. I don’t make anything other than writing, I don’t have any neato graphics or anything like that (they were made for me). I can give away email forwarders to you all if you want, but other than that, I don’t know what to do.

Any suggestions?

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