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HomeWitch Mary Speaks about the Mark Ventimiglia debacle

Mary Speaks about the Mark Ventimiglia debacle

I am speaking about a battle now. It was literally bloodless but painful none the less. I refuse to get involved in the pagan community any more. I am tired of the petty arguments the airheaded ones the bickering, backstabbing, fluffier than thou, the christian fanatics in disguise and the patronizing twits who think they know more than anyone else.

My dear heart is another story. He feels compelled to do reach out to speak as a voice of moderation. He takes his job seriously and is careful to be reasonable and trys to see others point of view.

Recently Raymond Buckland appointed someone to speak for him regarding Seax Wicca. This person as it turns out was less than Ideal for the post. As a flaming member of PETA, Ubervegetarian, and rabid homophobe, he would not be a voice of reason. In fact, he started handing out edicts left right and center.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seax Wicca, one of it’s founding ideals is that it is local not national. In other words, No one has the right to tell a coven what to do, they decide on their own. Hmmm… doesn’t sound much like the fanatic does it? Well, no it doesn’t.

To say that he threw a lighted stick of dynomite into an oil refinery is putting it mildly. The Saxon reconstructionist called him out. He called them cowards and dared them to find him and take him on with bared steel.

I watched my heart try to reason with both sides of this as a good Druid should and get kicked by the lunatic for his troubles. After days of anger, despair and outright fury it is over.

Ramond Buckland finally spoke and he said, ok, he’s out but don’t bother me. It lives or dies on its own and each coven decides on its own what is so.

So, after all the stress, screaming, flaming and fingers typed to the bone, what is left? Frustrated people, angry people and a faith that is doomed to die. And my heart? He will vow to stop doing this, not get involved and yet… when the call comes there he’ll be, in the middle striving for reason…

And so it goes.

Update 6 years later:

My love still gets his heart kicked around but it’s OK.  I love his passion for his calling and I admire his strength in carrying on no matter what.  This happened so long ago I had forgotten about writing it.  There have been more battles and more angst, but that is life.  I will continue to stay (for the most part) in the background loving and supporting my Daven.

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2 Responses to “Mary Speaks about the Mark Ventimiglia debacle”

  1. ?? Old post updated? Just confused why this popped up in my feed.

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