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Magickal Thoughts

I’m in the process of reading “Exploring the Pagan Path” and one of the articles in there is about magic, and that’s by Dorothy Morrison.

Now, there are few BNPs that I really enjoy and think is a very good author, and Dorothy is one of these people.

In this article in this book, she is writing about magic. She makes the point that there are more and more people and young apprentices in Wicca and Paganism who don’t know squat aobut magick. I tend to agree with her in this point.

She continues on and says that it’s probably because there are so many apprentices who come into magick and want the power without wanting to understand either the mechanics behind magick or the rules or the discipline ruling magick. They want to be able to go “bibbity bobbity boo” and have major changes in the world and their life without wanting to understand how it works to create the changes.

This has most definately been my experience with teaching. At one point I had 570 students enroled in my High Magick class. I had 1 student graduate. This is the same course that is on the front page to the left.

I find this to be common, humanity wants to have the effects and the outcomes without having the skills and the knowledge to bring them about. It’s instant gratification run rampant.

The problem is this; these people are growing up and becomming the teachers of the next generation, and I wish there was a litmus test for competance in this area.

I learned magic the old school hard way; trial and error. I did spells, I studied the texts of the masters (Alister Crowley, the Key of Solomon) and I did spells. I screwed up. I did what I could to fix those screw ups, I learned. I studied more (Chaos Magic and theory) and applied what I had learned, I cast spells, I learned. I developed a consicousness in magick, I talked to the Guides and Teachers and Gods. I had UPGs and epithinies and had to reconcile those with my belief system and how I looked at the world. I looked at nature and spent a lot of time thinking about what this meant.

I developed a very distinctive magickal attitude and belief. I found that I didn’t need to cast spells because of things that started happening simply because I wanted them to. My will started working whether I wanted to or not. And I discovered something.

If I wanted magick in my life, it didn’t matter if I had a teacher or not. But I had to want it.

Wanting that was the key, and I really had to need it in my life. I learned what I needed to know, and now I read and find out that others have the same set of circumstances. They have the same UPGs and the same understandings that took me so long to have, and they had to seek them too.

So ultimately it doesn’t matter if the new apprentices are taught or not about magick. If they want it, it will be there for them to discover. And like me, they will have no choice.

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