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Magickal Aftercare

Okay, you prepared your space. You sat and raised the Circle. You called your allies and astral entities to help. You have called the Quarters, done the Middle Pillar, communed with the Spirits, traveled to the Akashic Record.

You cut the Circle and dismissed the elements. You sent the energy off to do whatever that Power does to cause your spell to work.

Now what?

What happens next? Most individuals will start putting away the trappings of their ritual and get on with their life, but I think there is a time here that is more important to the magician than simply cleaning up.

This is the time of Aftercare.

In most sexual practices and relationships, there is a time when after the Deed is done and you and your partner are laying together, you simply exist in each other’s arms for a while. You lay with each other and simply commune with them and be. There is no pressure to do anything, no real discussion of anything, simply existing in the after glow of an incredible experience, mutually shared.

Why can’t we do that with our Spells? Why can’t we use that time to commune with the Gods and to exist with Them? Taking time to revel in the energies raised and to exist for a little while in that Sacred Space that you spent so much time creating and getting into, why must it be totally destroyed by immediately starting the cleanup?

Some activities to think about in this time period of “after the spell and ritual” for you and your group:

As with any exercise or activity, use your head. It will be massively counterproductive if you do a ritual to create a servitor for your group and then do another major ritual which involves the creation of Wards after everything is pulled down, dismissed and put up.

Maintenance is the key word here. If you would normally do a small ritual to maintain a spell or process that already exists, this would be perfect to maintain and repair it in the after time of a ritual. It’s a small use of Power that pays out immensely when you have the time and which most people do a whole ritual for.

Once you feel tired and like you are coming down from the high that the ritual has put you into, simply stop and move on with your life. But you have to do something to dismiss those extra energies or they can stay and pull more energy to it, and those new energies aren’t always the nicest of energy. A lot of times they cause far more problems than they solve.

Eating food, drinking a sports drink, grounding the energy into the Earth, all these are the classic ways of getting rid of excess energy after a ritual. Try to see if you can’t come up with other means of using that extra next time you do a major ritual. If you can, then that’s one more rite you won’t have to do later.

And Time is always at a premium.


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