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Lughnassdad Sabbat

July 31

[Pronounced Loose-nah-dah. Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Priest: Summer is the season for celebration and for caring.
Flowers come forth; later to give way to fruit.
Now is the time for us to review all things-
That which is to remain, and that which must
Be pruned away, for the goodness of growth.
Growth in all things; in plants and in ourselves.

[Priestess raises her arms.]

Priestess: Almighty Mother of us all,
Bringer of Life and of Love,
We thank thee for all the goodness
We have raised from the soil;
The promises of fruits to come.
Help us in our decisions and in our judgments.
Let us have the wisdom of the Mighty Ones
As we handle our problems
Both great and small.

All: So Be it!

[She lowers her arms.]

Priest: My Lady of the Silver Crescent-
And the Golden Orb, your Consort,
We praise you and love you.
Look down upon us and guide us
In our rites and in our lives.

Priestess: As the Moon reflects the Sun
So let our lives reflect the love you have for us.
Help us to love and honor one another;
To have respect and , most of all,
To have that understanding that brings
True love and peace.
Woden and Freya, we Pagan folks are yours;
In Love most prefect
And with trust in all things.

[Priest and Priestess kiss, then lead a dance about the Circle. All dance until the Priestess signals a stop. Next is Cakes and Ale followed by games and merriment.]

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.


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