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Long Distance Healing

(By Mary a.k.a. Theresa)

You will need a fairly large work surface that can remain undisturbed for several days.

If possible, it should be done as moonful begins to wane so that the disease is waning also.

Clean the work surface thoroughly. Preferably wood-but REMEMBER- it is will- the trappings to focus your intentions. This ceremony is fairly elaborate because I needed a lot of aid to concentration. It was first done for my father.

Take a shower. Seriously. While cleaning yourself, let the water symbolically clean you as well. Let the mundane world flow from you so that you approach the ceremony focused and clear as water.

(Digression #2. If this were a thousand years ago, you would be fasting and meditating during the filling of the moon, when you ate, it would be small portions and vegetarian only. Heigh-ho for the modern life.)

Spread a clean, pure white tablecloth, or sheet, or scrap cloth (you get the idea) on your work surface.


Salt, oil, some type of grain, 2 goblets, 6 candleholders, incense, 3 red candles, 3 white candles and 1 orange candle. (*I used a combination of Cedar, Sandalwood, and healing blend)

Assemble the above list and begin by placing the orange candle to the left. It should be fairly large. Next two white candles are…

[At this point, Mary recorded the rest on a tape, but you cannot understand what is being said on the tape. I will endeavor to finish writing this as best as possible.]

Two of the white candles should be consecrated to the Lord and Lady. One to each. The representations you use for Them should be placed near the candles, in front of each candle (Lord’s candle in front of the Lord’s representation). The representation should face the area where the picture is to be placed. The goblets should also be placed next to the candles and the representations of Them. The goblets should be inside the candles. Fill each goblet ½ full of water. The censer should be in the middle along one side. All of these should be in a row nearest to you. Place the three red candles in a vertical row to the right of you. Place the last white candle in the center. The dishes for the sale, grain and oil should be placed L-R on the far side of the Altar. Finally a representation of the person to be healed needs to be placed between the white candle in the center and the dish of grain. Light the incense.

Light each of the Lord and Lady’s candles while asking for Their help and protection for the person to be healed. Meditate for a while on that person getting better. Next light the orange candle. Name that candle as the Energy the need to heal. (Know that as the candle burns down, the energy is flowing to the person.) Light the center candle and name it the sickness or illness they currently have. (As it burns down the sickness is leaving the body. Blood to carry healing to the body, tissue being healed, and spirit/psyche recovering from insult.) Light the three red candles, naming them Love, Health, and Strength.

Take the incense and blow its smoke over everything on the table while asking Air for its help. Replace it. Take the oil and anoint everything (the candle flames especially) while calling upon Fire. Use the grain and anoint everything also calling on Earth to ground out the negative. (One grain each in the candle flames and in each goblet is sufficient.) Take the Lord goblet and sprinkle some water on each thing asking Water for its help as guided by the Lord (male) God energy. Do the same for the female, Lady Goddess.

Think a bit on what you wish to accomplish. Do you want to completely heal? A speedy recovery? Be free from pain? Die if that’s what is best? Your goal should be completely clear in your mind before going further.

Once your goal is clear, use your own instinct and feelings on the ceremony itself. You may wish to pray, or read a passage out loud from a favorite book, but regardless of what you do, SEE the energy going and healing the person.

Move the white candle toward the orange candle. Simultaneously move the three red candles toward the representation of the person to be healed. These four candles should always remain the same distance from each other. Only shift them a small amount (an inch or two). This is the illness being consumed by the energy and the Love, Strength and Health entering the person.

Let everything burn for at least an hour. Then extinguish them in reverse order, and thank the spirits for their presence. Leave the Altar set up for the next day’s ceremony.

Repeat steps 5 & 6 each day until the white candle reaches the Orange candle and the red candles reach the picture. If one candle burns out replace it with another, also consecrated, and use it. On the final day, you should let the rest of the candles burn out.

Many variants of this could be done. Use your own instincts.

I did a ceremony, but it was a quick one. I used this on my sister at one point.

Sit comfortably in a chair and meditate for a while. When you feel ready, see in your mind’s eye the person you will be healing. Focus on them as you imagine them to be now. Start sending blue light to surround them. Imagine time reference (a clock, or the day and night) and make that reference run faster. While doing this, watch the person you are healing getting better, still bathed in the blue light. Keep sending the energy into them. Watch as their wounds close, bones knit, they straighten from an injury. You must be undisturbed for this. That’s all. If you wish, do this several times on different days.

In this version, you can do it at any point on the lunar calendar.

Stars light your path.

Originally posted 2014-11-02 13:33:45. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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