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Long awaited update


Well, I am finally in a position where I can talk to you all about where the H*LL I’ve been these last several weeks and what has been happening.

1. I have a job. It’s not a permanent job (not yet), but it is a 33 week contract that is temp to hire. It’s doing phone support at Dell. So, most of my time has been being spent taking their training classes at the Dell Campus here to learn how they want me to do things, and what I’m going to be supporting. The kicker is that I will be making nearly as much as I was when I was full time employed at Direct, and that means that my paycheck should be able to support the family again.

To say I’m totally over the moon about this is to minimize just how happy about it I am. Yes, I have to get used to a new sleep schedule again, shifting to daytime, but I should be able to pick my schedule once I actually get on the floor and start doing the support. I think I’m going to like this job, but I do have to see it and do it before I actually can say so definitely.

2. Magickally, I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit from Japan and the whole earthquake/tsunami and such. It’s taken up the majority of my sleeping times having to deal with it. But, that is slowing a lot since I started the job. Everyone knows I need my sleep so I can concentrate at work, so that’s backed down a lot. There’s still some things I have to deal with, but they tend to be minor.

Right now I’m helping out another in their lands, coaching and trying to help them deal with their people and various problems they are having. The dead just have no real respect for someone that’s still alive, you know?

3. I’ve been a bit ill lately. Probably the crud you get whenever you have 40+ people in one room and talking/breathing the same air.

4. On the transgender front: Fate is conspiring to keep me moving forward with no excuses. Turns out there is a guy I’ve made friends with at work who is engaged to a transgirl, whom, coincidentally enough, rides the bus I take to get to work. They are both active in the trans community and have kinda latched on to me as a friend they can both help and associate with since so many of our likes/dislikes are damned near the same. I mean, how many trans people do you meet that are into to tech, play tabletop RPGs, like Doctor Who and Criminal Minds, and so on? Not a lot, but that’s what has happened.

I’m out of my hormones, but that should be taken care of when I get my first paycheck. It will be only two weeks without them, so I don’t think that will be a huge killer of the progress I made, but you never know. When I get insurance again at the first of the month, I can go to doctors and start getting healthy again.

5. I’m actually losing weight again. When I lost my membership to the Y, I gained all the weight I had lost back. But right now I’m walking home from one point in the trip home from work. It’s not that far, just about a mile, but it is definitely having an effect on my waistline. That and the subliminal program I started with my mp3’s that I listen to.

It wasn’t that hard to do either. I got Audacity, found a microphone, wrote a list of affirmations I wanted to listen to. Then I recorded them all into one audio track, edited it down so that they were sounding nice. Then I copied that track over and over, shifting them a bit so that they didn’t have the same words starting and stopping all at once. Once I had 40 repetitions of the same stuff layered into one gabble of sound, I copied it and placed THAT on the other ear, so now I have 40 in the left ear, the same 40 in the right ear. Then I reversed the track so that I had 40 going forward and 40 going backward in the left ear, the same in the right ear. I combined them all into the “master subliminal track”, reduced the volume to where I could barely hear it as garble static, then added them to my MP3’s that I listen to in my player. Been listening to JUST them any time I leave the house to go anyplace. I think they are working since I’m wanting to eat less, exercise more, and I’m having a better outlook on my life and so on.

6. I went out last night in Joy’s clothes, made up and so on. Had a good time too. It was just a bit of “interesting” in my internal reactions. At first I was nervous, but then I got calmed down since the only people who would be seeing me were other transpeople. That was nice. To be able to just be myself for once.

So what’s next? Keep going on the job. Keep working and earning money (which is a hell of a relief in and of itself). Then get my paychecks, pay bills to get them off our backs, pay back my family who has loaned us money to keep going. THEN go shopping for more golf shirt tops for me, since that’s the “standard” at Dell. It’s more casual than that, but I don’t want to go more casual than that. Maybe in a couple weeks start going to stores and getting Joy clothing, and at least I’d have someone to go with.

Once I get into a routine with work and being off, I’ll probably have more spare time to socialize on DW and LJ, Tumblr and Twitter. That’ll be nice. They won’t let me do any of that at work for some reason. Yes, I can go on the Internet, but only WORK RELATED, no social networks, not even G-Mail. I set it so that I can forward all my gmail to my work email, and I can at least SEE it even if I can’t reply.

It’s just going to take some time.

I do want to say that for those of you NOT reading me on Daven’s Journal or on the RSS feed, you can come and comment to ANY post I have on Daven’s Journal by signing in with your OpenID from Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Twitter or many other places. Or you can even sign up for an account on the Journal, and you can have your own icon here.

So that’s it for now, I have to go and do some chores in the kitchen.

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2 Responses to “Long awaited update”

  1. Lupa says:

    Good to hear there’s a significant upswing!

  2. Hope says:

    I’m happy to hear all this good stuff!

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