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Life Update


Because I know there are some here who have been praying or whatever for me and mine, here’s a bit of an update.

  • We lost our house. It was foreclosed on and we have until December 1 to get out. We are in the process of packing and getting things settled.
  • We have a place to go to. Worse is that there is no place to send the fur-babies, our cats. We won’t turn them lose, nor will we put them in a shelter. The no-kill can’t take them and there isn’t anyone who we know who is willing to take them. We are nearly frantic trying to find someplace for them.
  • We have money coming in, just not a lot. Mary is working, I’m doing odd jobs and other things are getting some cash flow, but I still don’t have a permanent job.
  • I’ve made arrangements for the site to continue. As long as their is money in my checking account, the site is paid for and bandwidth is paid for. So we won’t be disappearing any time soon, but I probably won’t be able to respond timely or whatever. I ask your indulgence and tolerance.
  • I have to give a special “Thank you” to The Witches Voice. Someone over there saw my plight and sent a donation of $500 to us at a VERY critical time. It allowed us to keep the power on for another month. If you are reading this whomever did it (Fritz, Wren or other staff member), thank you very much.

Want to follow the adventures of Daven? I’m on Twitter as davensjournal I am also on LiveJournal as davensjournal as well, but it’s Friend’s only. Leave me a note there and I’ll make a decision as to whether or not I’ll add you back.

As always you can get in touch with me through this site.

I’m also now on a place called 78Friends. It’s a site for Tarot Readers to get readings at. I’ve been there for only a few minutes and I’ve already found three of my friends that I’ve known for a while. Check it out if you are inclined to do so. You can kibitz on other people’s readings.

Now to go pack a few more boxes and listen to Nickleback.

May the Stars Light Your Path and blessings to all of you on this holiday time. Don’t take anything in your life for granted, it can be taken very quickly.

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