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Lesson 4: Energy Work

Message: Energy work Lesson 5 Part 1
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 9, 2000 11:36

Energy work:

Okay, lets start with some basics here.  The energy we will be discussing in this next section will be bioelectric energy.  What is this you may ask?  It is the energy that every living thing has.  It is what carries the instructions from our brain to our fingertips.

All scientists agree that there are minute amounts of electrical energy inside all of us.  This will show you how to tap that energy, redirect it, increase it, contain it, and channel it into specific uses externally.

First things first.  Turn your right hand, palm upward and place your left hand’s fingers about three inches above the palm of your right hand.  Now, this in itself is not going to do anything.  But now think of a flow of light, like some super hero coming out of the palm of your right hand and bathing your left fingers.  Do this for a few moments.  Close your eyes if it helps you concentrate.

I’ll be here….

Back already?  Wow, that was fast… Okay, what you were doing there, was pushing your energy from inside you out.  And you were allowing your other hand to feel it.  You may have felt a hot sensation on your fingertips, or a tingling, or a coldness, or any other reaction to that energy, but you would have felt something, unless you were doing it wrong.  If you were not feeling anything, try again, and this time move your left hand up and down until you DO feel a difference.

As we know, the body does produce a field around itself, to protect and to  give off impressions and feelings.  This happens all the time, but now you are going to be manipulating that field, or aura, directly.

Okay, done?  Feel a difference?  Some of you may even feel something in the palm of the right hand as your fingers move up and down.  Guess what?  This is your aura of the fingers interacting with the palm of your hand.  Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, these are the baby exercises, and they are designed to get you interacting with the aura, and feeling it, and used to it.  It is also so that you know what this energy feels like as you go about doing things.

There are many other exercises, and I will give them to you in order that you are to practice them.

1 feeling the energy.  Same as above, but with different parts of your body as the “receptor”.  Do what I have told you, but project the energy out of your finger, at your leg, your arm, your forehead, and other places of your body.

2  Energy flow.  Now, once having mastered the previous two, hold your hands, palms toward each other and envision a beam of light flowing from one hand to the other, Now, reverse the flow.  A separate person putting their finger in between those hands should feel a really hot area, that is not present in any other place.

3  Controlling the flow.  Similar to exercise two, it is exercise three taken to the next level.  Your hand should be the projector, and another part of your body should be the receptor.  You should feel the energy flowing and warming that part of your body, and as you move your hand, this area of warmth should move with it.

Okay, now that you have the basics mastered… what next?  Well, this bio energy can be put to many different uses.  Biofeedback (by sending all the energy to your feet) to alleviate headaches, true healing on yourself and others, and a few other things.  Stuff like this appears more in psychic books than in the instructions for Paganism.

Mostly what is used in the group rituals is metaphysical energy rather than bio energy.  bio energy is good for personal applications, and for calming down yourself or others, but metaphysical energy are used for group applications.

What do I mean by this?  Well, spells mostly.  Group healing, Earth fertility rites, ceremonies, also the “I want” prayers that are so popular now…

Why did I start on bio energy when what you will mostly be dealing with metaphysical energy?  Because, the two are so similar as to be almost inseparable.  bio energy effects you, and to a VERY limited extent, another, but metaphysical energy is from sources outside of yourself, and can effect someone you have never seen before.

This is the kind of energy that is sought after in ceremonies, and in references you may have seen dealing with “raising Power”.  They are talking about raising just this kind of energy, and it can be raised by a group, or by yourself by various means.

You have to know what the energy feels like first, and since the feel of the energies is the same, if you know what bio energy feels like, you will know what metaphysical energy feels like when it starts moving around you.

Okay:  Assignment time.  Practice the above techniques.  Start slowly, build higher and take a rest when you need it.  This is using your life force, and it’s easy to get really tired when doing this, especially when you are not used to doing things like this.

Some hints on care of your body when using this kind of energy:  The purer your body, the better.  Smoking, drinking, drugs, and other poisons will interfere with this energy, and as such you need to be as clean inside and out as you can.

If you start getting a headache while you are doing this, stop.  You have exceeded your energy limit for the day, and are in danger of really harming yourself if you continue.  Take some asprin or acetaminophen (sp) and drink some Gatorade.  The electrolytes in the Gatorade will replace what you have spent, and then go to bed.  A good night’s sleep will help a lot.

It is good to have someone around who is doing these exercises as well, or at least someone who will verify your perceptions as to whether or not you are projecting something.  It’s just a check, and you do not need to do this.  But it helps.

Also, for those of you keeping notebooks, I would like to see them.  If you have them in electronic form (i.e. on a computer) wonderful.  E-mail them to me at Daven@erinsjournal.  If you only have them in paper form, and still would like to send them, contact me and I’ll give you my address.  However, because we all seem to be poor people here, please be aware that this is a request, not an order.  I just want to be able to keep track of how you guys are doing.

Next post:  Metaphysical energy and you…

Till then!

Message: part ice and part fire????
Author: tingling – myst Niall

Date: Jun 10, 2000 16:03

Wonderful first exercise. I had no problem at all calling the energy. My palm instantly became VERY warm in a perfect circle in the middle. That was really neat!! I held my left hand over it and my fingers turned icy cold, my palm became warmer, and my fingers colder. After an hour Daven helped me out but the recalling of the energy and shaking my wrists only lessened it a little. I went to my trees and recalled the energy again and this seemed to work – took most of it back. My hands still tingled eight hours later though.

So my question is before I do any more, why were my fingers so cold and why couldn’t I feel the heat from my palm with them? Even when I laid them in my hand and held them, I could not feel the heat.
And I did not get any kind of headache but I had such a painful lower backache, it was sheer agony for about five hours. It went as fast as it came. To my knowledge I have no lower back problems. So is this just me being “weird” again? LOL
And still today, twenty-four hours later the circle in my right hand feels different, kind of like ( this will sound crazy but) it is aware? Best word I could come up with.

Waiting at my desk!!!!!!

Message: Okay, some theoretical thoughts
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 10, 2000 17:12

The Hindus have long thought that the body has “energy points” or Chakras (pronounced shra-kas).  There are, by their teachings, seven in the body.  The correspond to the following locations:  top of head, brow, throat, heart, solar-plexus, navel and groin.  There are some teachings that I have seen that removes the solar plexus and navel Chakras and places these in the elbows and knees, and into the hands and feet.

It has been recognized by many cultures, Japanese and Hindu to name a few, that these points in the hands and feet are important for energy transference, and for other things.  By stimulating those points through massage, the entire body can be made healthy.

So this could explain why your palm feels “aware”.  It is because it is now.  You sent energy out of it, and it is responding by having energy available there for you to use.

Now, this is not to say that these are the only areas of your body that are capable of emitting this energy, it’s just the most efficient areas.  You can project this energy out of the fingers, toes, butt and anyplace else you have a body.

As to why your other hand was cold, think of your arms as the two ends of a balance scale.  Move too much from one side to the other, and it’s out of balance now.  One hand heats, the other cools.  The best way of avoiding this is to absorb with the other hand.  Take into your body the energy being put off by your hand.

I will refer to the projecting hand as the primary hand, and the receiver hand as the secondary.  But you can project or receive with either hand, and some, like me can project and receive with the same hand.

Your primary hand should be the dominant hand you use.  Such as I am right handed, as such I should use my right hand as my primary hand.  And my left should be my secondary hand.

To cut off the flow of energy from your hand, simply suck it back in.  You are sending a beam from your primary hand out, simply pull it back in now, and that should take care of it.  IF this does not, rub your hands together briskly as thought they were cold, and shake them from the wrists.  This should take care of it, but if there are still problems, place your palms flat on the ground, and relax.  Just meditate for a bit, and it will stop.

Physical problems you may encounter are headaches and aches and pains.  This is because the energy of your body is in balance thought your body, and if you siphon some off, you need to replace it, by eating or energy boosters, like vitamins.  So if the energy you used was being used to keep your back from hurting, taking a bath and perhaps taking a few vitamins, should take care of it.

So, anyone else’s experiences with this they want to share?  It will be about a week before I get the next installment up.

Message: Ummm, Daven?
Author: sheepish – Fleury CuChulainn

Date: Jun 12, 2000 16:12

I have a confession to make…  I haven’t really been keeping notes.  The last thing I made notes on was what each of my alter items meant to me.  *blushing*  I’ve been so wrapped up in my summer course that I haven’t written notes on anything else.  I read all of the posts here, usually at least two or three times, but I keep it all in my head.  So I don’t really have any notes to reveal…  My thoughts and questions have been posed to you via telegrams and on this board and the home school… that is pretty much my only record…  If you wish it, I could try to keep notes from now on but everything before that is here or in your gram log! *chuckle*

Message: Okay,
Author: whatever…. – Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 14, 2000 13:14

While I would like to see the notebooks, it appears that no one has been writing in them.  This is an important step.  It lets you define revelations, write ceremonies, thoughts and feelings down in a coherent way.  It will also give you a ‘gauge’ to measure your progress against.

For instance.  I made a promise to myself, about 6 yrs ago, to start practicing Astral Projection on a regular basis, and wrote this down in my journal.  In there, I also kept notes of the dreams I had.  Now, later, I looked at it, and went “you dummy, it’s easy.” because I had it written down, I knew just how far I have come from where I was at.

So, Please, use those notebooks and write almost everything dealing with metaphysics and paganism into it, especially your feelings and thoughts.  Print out my posts, and add them to the notebook too, I freely give everyone permission to copy these posts and use them for personal reasons.  Just keep my name and email on it someplace.  Daven@erinsjournal

And now, on to lesson 5, part 2.

Sometime later today….  LOL

Message: No association involved
Author:EponaDawn Catuvellauni

Date: Jun 16, 2000 00:36

Clapton IS God, Daven, I’m convinced of it :-), or at least his music is.  But you’re right, whatever makes us more attuned to the divine, by whatever name, is the way to go.  I feel sorry for people who are born “tone deaf”.  But I guess if you don’t know what you’re missing, you’ll find another way.

I wanted to say I’ve been doing the energy exercises and it was amazing!  I have a neurological disorder that makes my hands and feet numb (but not dysfunctional) and when I did the transfer of energy from one hand to another, I actually felt my palm get hot and could tell the difference between hot and cold for the first time in years!!  I was so stunned I jerked my hands back and then I felt the tingling.  It lasted a few minutes and then was gone, but trust me, I will continue to work with it.

Message: Lesson 5 part 2 Metaphysical energy and you
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 16, 2000 11:41

Okay, so now that all of you are familiar with what energy feels like, it’s time to move on to the next part, creation of energy.

Mind me, energy cannot be created, but it can be brought out of other things, like the earth, you, other people, and the environment.  Most schools of thought say there are 5 main power sources, the elements.

I’ve gone over those before, but I will do so again, just in case any of you have missed my previous attempts at explaining this.

Source one:  The Air.  This energy tends to be in the air, from the clouds interacting with each other, to the tornado that just destroyed the trailer park next door.  It can be a powerful source, but it is likely to change quickly and suddenly.  You may have heard the term “flighty”, well this describes the “feel” of this energy perfectly.  It is flighty and slippery, and can be difficult to control.  Most tend to associate the Air with male principals, and usually put it in the North.  I tend to see this energy as cool, crisp, and a bit scattered.

Source two:  The Water.  Well, instead of thinking of a lake or river, or (worse yet) a creek, think of the Ocean.  This is the principal of Water that many think of.  Primal, huge, heavy, ponderous, supporting life in abundance, and extremely destructive if it chooses to be.  A tidal wave is one of the most destructive things in nature, and we all know about El Nino.  Well, that is the energy available in the Water.  It can be slow, but not necessarily.  It is slow, and heavy, but that makes it hard to move.  But it does have the advantage of being hard to change once it is moving to your purpose.  Female associations due to amniotic fluid, and also the Cauldron of Cerwiddin.

Source three:  The Earth.  Everything I said about the Water, hold doubly for the Earth.  It takes a miracle to force the energy of the Earth to a new channel, or purpose, but once it is moving in that direction, it would take a similar miracle to make it stop.  And talk about heavy energy, this is the heaviest.  This is warm, comforting, nourishing, and healthy.  Life grows in it, and we cannot do without the Earth.  Male principal in nature, and solid.

Source Four: The Fire.  Well, it’s certainly warm, but it’s not cuddly.  Fire had the habit of destroying, and as such, can be seen as the God’s eraser.  It is quick, even quicker than Air, it is hot and fast, and you really need to be able to control things in order to get Fire to cooperate with you.  This element can easily get out of hand and out of control, so use caution.  It is Male in nature and an active element.

Source Five, The Spirit:  Both male and female in nature, and the most “holy” of all the elements.  It is the energy that makes up life, and many call it the “force” “Magick” or a host of other names.  This energy can come directly from you, or from the Gods, but I also break it down in to three sub groups.

1)  The Moon:  Feminine, silver, cool, with overtones of protection.  It combines many of the good qualities of the Earth and the Water.  This energy is passive in nature, and as such, doesn’t do much.  But it is a good battery for use in rites and ceremonies.  Once the energy is moving, it brings intellect and safety to the mixture.

2) The Sun:  Male, golden and warm, with action mixed in.  It has the best qualities of the Fire and Air.  It is an active element, and can be used as a “turbo charge” to what you are doing.  Many believe that this energy causes changes to happen in nature, and as such it is active.

3)  The Stars:  This is universal energy.  It has no characteristics as far as male/female goes, it is more androgynous.  If you can imagine an effervescent cool feeling, you are close to what this feels like (to me).  I only use it for rites and spells where I have no doubt that I am in the right on, since this is as close to the energy of the IS than just about anything else.

Okay, here is what it looks like when you actually draw it out (using Mike Nichol’s arguments for the directional placement of the Elements.)

I put the sexual associations on the picture, and colored the words like I associate colors with them.  Blue for the Air is because of the color of the sky.  Green for Water, instead of Earth is due to the fact that if you have seawater in a jar and look at it, it’s greenish in color.  Earth is not green for the plants, but brown, for the soil itself.  And when looked at from Space, the Earth is mostly brown.Okay, so now that we know about where the energy is and what it feels like, how do we get it?  Simple.  I call it “siphoning”.

Remember the exercises in the last lesson and how the energy felt when it was flowing through you?  Well, no to the next level.  With your eyes closed, see the symbols of that element surrounding you, in the directions you associate them with.  Most see a campfire for Fire, a cloudy sky for Air, the ocean for Water, and a mountain for Earth.  At least, I do.  See a straw or conduit, or pipe or something going from your heart into that element, directly into the heart of it.  Once it is there, pull the energy toward you from that element and it shall begin flowing into you.  The color of the element will be the color you have chosen for that element,  and believe me, once the energy gets to you, you will know it.
Back? Good.  Let me tell you what just happened to you.

The element (in a primitive way) is aware of what is going on.  There are creatures that live there, called elementals, and we will get into them later.  However, being aware, kind of like a plant, it knows when someone is in need of what they have, and the element will give of itself unstintingly.  Do not worry about draining it, you can’t.  It is always a good idea to ask permission first, and to give back to those elements when you have extra.  Thus, what you just did was to suck some of the element’s energy into you, for your use.  When that happened, it re-charged some areas in you that are attuned to energy, like a battery.  You now are holding that element’s energy, for your use in either ritual or in whatever way you need it.

It can be used to give yourself a ‘boost’ when you get run down and exhausted during the day.  This is the energy being called upon when you start any rite or ceremony.  It is a universal energy, and that is why it is important to have the tools representing something, as well as the directions laid out in your mind.  If you turn to a specific direction, you may even be able to feel the element represented there.

And no matter where you are, the elements are always there.  They never change, and they are the same 30 years from now, as they are now, and as they were 3000 years in the past.  So anytime you are feeling down, or in need of a boost, or what have you, you can draw on these elements.

Now, another exercise.  See those four elements, and see the conduits going into each in turn, and draw some energy from each of them.  Write your impressions of the energy down into your notebooks, and keep it around.  Do all of this in turn for each of the elements, and then in pairs.  Then finally all four at once.  Do this for a while each day, but try not to over do it.  Meditate on the element.  Hold it’s image in your mind, connect yourself to it, and ask it questions.  You may not hear words as answers, but you will get impressions that are answers to those questions you posed.

This part, I do want to see.  You can write up the impressions in a computer file, and post it later, so your fingers don’t get too tired from typing, but you do need to put all of it into your notebooks.

Once these are done, in about a week, I’ll post the next part, “Other uses for Metaphysical Energy”.

Have fun.

Message: Just completing lesson one…
Author: very thorough is, – Fleury CuChulainn

Date: Jun 17, 2000 21:58

I wanted to let you know what I experienced. The most interesting thing I noted was the change in body temperature. I have somewhat bad circulation in my hands and feet and on the day I tried it my hands were cold. By the time I felt the tingling in the palm of my hand I noticed that my whole hand had warmed up. Now that just doesn’t happen! LOL I can’t wait to try this in winter! *grin* NOT THAT I WANT WINTER BACK!!! Just wanted that to be known! 🙂

The other thing I noticed was that I found a slight tingling in my fingers where the energy was concentrating and moving out to my other hand. Is that normal?

Okay, now moving right along. This morning was one of those lazy mornings where I lay in bed for about 45 minutes because I just didn’t feel like moving. (by the gods its sometimes nice to be single and have patient cats!) Anyhoo, I couldn’t exactly remember the second lesson (and I can’t print it out until Monday) so I just sort of concentrated on a part of my body (my foot) The area that I saw in my mind started to tingle and that amused the heck out of me. I “thought” up my leg, just below the knee, and I felt the tingling trace a path up following the trail I “thought”. It dwindled in my foot and changed the tingly concentration on that new location. I did this repeatedly until I got to my hip and each time it followed my thought spot! LOL I tried to do it again on my other leg but I guess my energy was draining because it was very faint in my foot and then didn’t really move. Either way it was a rather interesting way to start my day! 🙂

Message: Okay, yes, these sensations that
Author: Master of all… – Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 18, 2000 22:42

are being described by EponaDawn and by Fleury are what are supposed to be felt.  Exactly right.

Further, the heat, pressure, or tingling sensation are unique for each person.  I feel it as a pressure and an awareness if it is internal energy, and as a “hairs on the back of the neck” sensation if it is external energy.

Further if you are ever at a concert, you may even feel the collective energy of the participants.  It’s happened to me too often to be a coincidence, and it’s a really interesting sensation.  No wonder most stars go to drugs if they feel that every time they perform.  They want to feel it all the time.  I don’t blame them, but drugs are not the way to do it.

I am so glad to hear of your success EponaDawn.  That’s really fantastic, and I am truly happy for you.

Fleury, those exercises are well done, and you should be proud of yourself.  It’s another step along the path.  Well done.

Let’s hear everyone else’s feelings and impressions.  Don’t be silent on this…

Till next time.

Message: Since the Solstice is tomorrow,
Author: Just some thoughts – Daven Iceni

Date: Jun 20, 2000 21:06

and that is at the same time as the Full Moon, I would like to request a few things from my students, and any lurkers we have here.

Spend a few moments outside tomorrow, preferably at sunset, or thereabouts.  I want you all to meditate.

Just for a bit, and nothing too involved.  This is the perfect time to see if you can feel the energies of the season.

First thing I want you to try to feel is the Earth itself.  Reach down with your mental hand and push it deep underground.  Try to feel the rhythms of the planet, and the grasses, trees, all growing things.  Then try to feel the breeze across your face, and try to feel the energies of the wind.  Do the same with the Sun, Moon, the water, if you have a lake or sea nearby, and also the fire, if you can envision it.

I just want you to get a taste of these things, and perhaps you can feel those energies as I described them, and perhaps not.  Either way, you will have some experience in feeling these energies.  And feeling them is the first step in using them.

The meditation is nothing more than sitting and relaxing your mind.  Let the cares of the day fall from you, and let your mind drift a little.  This will do for now, and later I will go into more detail on HOW to meditate.  Although I have covered it multiple times in other locations.  LOL

Once that is done, and once you have either given up, or felt something, do me a favor, seem in your mind, a circle surrounding you, on the ground.  Then I simply want you to rock a little, and hum a song under your breath.  Get up and dance if you feel like it, or do whatever you think is right at that point.

Then, notice what kinds of changes there are to the “environment” around you.  Not the grass being trampled, or the leaves falling, but the changed to the metaphysical area near you.

If you can tell a difference, then you did something right.  And I want you to write it all down in your notebook.  The whole thing.  And we can come back here and talk about what was happening and what you felt.

As always, if you lurk and can’t post (for whatever reason) leave the message at my domus, and I’ll post it here for all to see, if you tell me it’s okay.

Oh, and if it’s raining, you are excused.  But I would still like you to do it when it’s not raining.  LOL

Slave driver, aren’t I?

Message: Lesson 5, Part 3
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni

Date: Jul 3, 2000 14:45

Now that you have felt the metaphysical energy, and know what it feels like, what do you do now?

Well, let me tell you a few things that you may not have realized were happening while you were dancing and chanting and so on the Solstice.  Whenever you were doing the chanting or dancing or whatever, you were “creating” energy.  Not that you were making this energy out of nothing, because that is impossible, but you were bringing it from someplace else, and I don’t know where from.  Possibly from the Astral plane, but that’s for another time.

The energy that was being “raised” by those chants or whatever was being contained in a “cone” around you.  Like illustrated below.

Cone of PowerAs you can see from this, the energy flows up, just like heat from a body.  But because of the way many people cast a Circle, it contains it in the upper area of the cone.  This becomes a “battery” of sorts.

If noting is done with this energy, it will dissipate into world again, there for anyone to use once again.  But there is so much more that can be done with this energy.

For instance, it can be used to reenergize you.  You have a “Battery” of metaphysical energy inside you, and this can be used to recharge that store of energy internally.

Another use for it is as fuel for a prayer.  Think of it.  Been to a tent revival, and felt 800 or more people praying for the same thing, and how powerful this prayer became as a result.  Well, this is the same thing, only with out the 799 extra bodies.  This is what is commonly referred to as “spells”.  It is a prayer that has an extra “kick” to it.

It can be used to energize an item.  This is also called “Blessing” “consecrating” or “creating a Power sink”.  This is something like an external battery of energy, that holds all of this power until you drain it.  Keep in mind that it can be any object, from the Barbie doll, to the special necklace you wear reflexively.  Natural substances such as rocks or metal seem to do better at this than something man-made, but do as you want with it.  Since energy has form, but no substance, nearly infinite power can be stored in a single atom, with no loss.  So don’t worry that there is not room enough to put all that power into the object.

It can be used in a healing.  While I don’t recommend this for the inexperienced, you can give this energy to another person who is sick, to use as they need to.  In this case you become a conduit for that energy, pulling it from the cloud from above you and channeling it into another.  Now, it does take some of your energy to do this, to control it and to focus it onto a goal, so you will feel ragged out when you are done.  However, it is worth the use to do this.

If you are only experimenting, then send it off to whomever needs it.  If you have no idea what you want to use this energy for, then release it with the proviso that it goes where it can be of the greatest use.  From there, another person who needs the energy may snatch it for use in their spells, or it may go to heal a critical patient in a hospital, and so on….

If nothing else, make sure you drain it into the Earth if you don’t have it go anyplace else.  Remember the “Conduit” meditation I had you do last lesson, this is similar, except that instead of it going from you to that element, it goes from that energy straight into the Earth.  This is called “grounding” and it is something that needs to be done every time.  Even if you have sent the majority off somewhere else.

Now, if you put it into the same place in the Earth each time, that area will become something like a battery as well.  Say for instance, there is a tree that you go to to do a ritual at all the time.  Over time, when you ground that energy out near that tree, it will start “calling” you to come back there to do a ritual.  And over time, the “feel” of the place will start becoming defined from the area around it.

One thing that will become necessary for you to come to know is the “feel” of something.  To do this, you will HAVE to learn to trust your feelings about areas and others.  Most of this is subjective, and I have no way to prove it to you other than to tell you to go to places like Stonehenge and feel the area there as opposed to your backyard.  You will notice a difference, but it will be unique to you.  That is because of the energies that have been grounded there, and it’s something that has to be experienced rather than described.

But, here you go.  Assignment.  Draw a circle around you, like in the illustration, and sit there and chant or do one of the meditations where you say “ohm” over and over.  Or sing a song.  After a while, you will begin to notice a difference in the environment around you. Keep going for a while, and when you feel ready, release the energy to someone who needs it.  See the energy flowing away, like a spear of light, to someone who needs it.  The allow the rest of the energy there to drain into the ground.  If you have done things right, you will now know where the circle boundaries are at, without seeing it.  If you get into trouble, just raise your hands above your head, and as though you were pushing something into the ground, push the Circle and the energy into the ground.  It’s that easy.  Write it down into your notebook.

Let me know your experiences and any questions you have.

Message: Not even reading 6.2 until I post this…
Author: tardy but practicing, – Fleury CuChulainn

Date: Jul 26, 2000 23:11

Unfortunately I have no backyard and nowhere nearby that would be private enough for practicing anything… Having only just discovered that these lessons are acceptable in home and out of sight of actual earth, sky and trees, I have begun my practices…

The first I practiced was the circle… I discovered that I had no chalk or anything that would draw an adequate circle on my basement floor, I improvised (but isn’t that half the fun?) I have a square rug that my mother made for me and is dear to my heart… I sat in the middle and imagined the circle around the four corners… in due time I actually felt the circle so it still worked. 🙂 I’ve never been one for chanting or saying “ohm” without giggling so instead I quietly sang a very short song that is in another language. I have no idea what the words mean and I don’t really want to… its beautiful to me the way it is. 🙂 so, that being sung and the circle felt around me, it began. It didn’t last too long (about 20 minutes in total) since I threw my back out on Tuesday and sitting on the floor was a little uncomfortable, but I did feel the air about me getting thicker until I thought of someone who needed, not necessarily help but perhaps a boost. I suddenly felt all that pent up energy dissipate slowly. When the thickness had disappeared, I stopped and took a short break while I wrote all this down.

I then moved on to the next lesson, thinking about and drawing energy from the directions/elements. For me, they match up as Water/East, Earth/South, Fire/West, and Air/North. I began with the East and pictured a huge widening of a particular river I have visited recently, while at a wonderful weekend long event. The river widens so much it looks almost like the sea but there are slight rises of ancient mountains on the far side… just beautiful. Anyhoo, with enough concentration, I actually began to feel a pressure about me, almost like a weight within… my assumption is this was the denser energy of water… but that is just my guess. I got no real reaction as I turned South and West but I had less personal images in mind… and I think I was getting tired. When I reached the North, and air, I felt a breeze against one arm when there was nothing there… that was cool! I only had fleeting images but I can’t really describe them… but they were more than I got with South and West.

Well that’s about it… all in all, I did actually practice today and it was about 55 minutes in total… I’ll try again and maybe if I don’t try so hard I’ll have better results with my more elusive elements.  *grin*

Message: Oh Fleury! That’s wonderful!
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni

Date: Jul 27, 2000 09:39

Yes, those sensations that you describe are what you need to feel.  Tell me, when you were feeling that heaviness, did you feel anything that was like to when you were passing the energy back and forth between your hands?

And you don’t have to draw the Circle around you, just know it’s around you.  I normally don’t physically define the boundaries anymore, and when I do, I braided a circle out of kite string to place in a circle around me.

Everyone, a Circle does not have to be a physical boundary around you.  Many who practice indoors find it simpler to make their “Circle” the entire house they are living in.  It’s a bit harder, but it can be done.  The Circle in this case is simply a defined boundary that is designed to keep unwanted things out, and to allow benign things in, and keep the energy in with you.

Most people use a Circle because it’s an easy image to hang on to, and it’s kind of hard to define the entire outdoors as being in the Circle with you…

It sounds like you are doing a good job Fleury, and I’m proud of you.  Some images you may want to use for Fire and Earth:

Fire:  A campfire, a forest fire, a lava flow, a burning lamp.
Earth:  A meadow, a mountain, a plain, grasslands, or a forest.

See if that helps.  But if none of them do, find your own.  What I tend to do is to try to “hook in” to the element in that direction by planning the conduit in the element that exists on this reality.  For instance, instead of planting the conduit into the image of water, I reach out to the Sea and embed it firmly in the ocean, I reach out to the Earth and plant it in the forests of Georgia, and into the forest fires in the western states, and into the clouds and air over Canada.

Just what works for me.

Message: Oh goody!
Author: beaming – Fleury CuChulainn

Date: Jul 27, 2000 11:39

Its a relief to know I’m doing something right *grin* As for the pressure, it was more an all encompassing one if memory serves correctly… I felt it pretty steadily all around me but in all honesty I can’t quite remember now! LOL I’ll try again and keep that in mind! 🙂

Hmmm, a lava flow, a burning lamp… how about a lava lamp? *maniacal laughter*  I guess not, eh?

Actually, I was trying to imagine things that have significant meaning to me… the river I mentioned yesterday was a wonderful place I went to when I had a need for solitude, but it also was part of a wonderful weekend excursion so it is an all encompassing connection. I conjured up images of tree covered mountains and a campfire or a candle flame, and they were clear enough but none of those have any particular connection right now…  Funny, ’cause I do love fire so… *grin*  I’ll find it eventually though! 🙂 I’ll just have to think a little more on it…  *pulling the Pooh thinking stance, one paw tapping against my head*  think, think think…

Stars light your path.

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