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Home Witch Late night, Post Yule, Pre Christmas post


Late night, Post Yule, Pre Christmas post

Today in the “Daven” household, things were pretty quiet. I did have some excitement though.

Mostly it was the shopping trip. It takes so little to make those we love so happy. I went grocery shopping with my wife. That was it. She was thrilled. Why? I have no clue. I think it was because we were spending time together, even though I was ranging around getting stuff and she was driving the cart from point A to point B. But we talked some and thought about things like we did when we were young (like year 1 or 2 of our 15 year marriage).

Then we got home and had dinner that she lovingly fixed for everyone, with help. Cookies came after dinner, again lovingly fixed by my dearest. If you ever get a chance to marry a Kitchen Witch, do so. You WILL NOT regret it.

While Saturday is “bonding night with the daughter” they had anime on that I didn’t like too much. So while paying about 20% of my attention to the TV and talking, I was reading on one of the review books, Taylor Ellwood’s “Pop Culture Magick”.

First approximation analysis? It is not a book for everyone. I remember the brouhaha when it came out several years ago. I managed to refrain from ripping it apart mainly because I had never read the book myself, and the concepts seemed somewhat “out there”. I met Taylor later that same year at a ball in Collumbus Ohio and was somewhat put off. It wasn’t anything that he did specifically, it was just something that rubbed me the wrong way.

However, these days he and I trade comments in our LiveJournals. I consider him a good acquaintance (and I won’t pretend to be more familliar than that), but I do respect him and his opinions and am honored when my comments provoke thoughts.

But the book itself so far is a good read. It is really an experimental concept book, and it is not for everyone, but in and of itself it is a very thought provoking read. I am looking forward to finishing it. I can already see a few concepts and thoughts in his writing being of immediate use to me. Anyone want to duel on the Astral Plane with Magic: The Gatheringâ„¢ cards?

Then I was reading a post from Jason Pitzl-Waters in his blog, and it struck me as to why many fundamentalists see Harry Potter and non approved Christian material as so dangerous. It causes the reader to question themselves. It causes the reader to begin the process of asking questions of themself, looking for answers and not looking to the Minister or to God for those answers. Instead of seeking outside sources to tell them what to believe, they look internally and decide what to believe and thus start a whole cycle of changing absolutes which most often leads the person in question away from their faith, thus losing them the Kingdom of Heaven and their God.

Since the most terrible fate that is possible to be visited on someone is that very sundering of the ties to their deity, this is a terrible thing. Having gone through this, it is hard.

And the great irony is that most often those who are going through this questioning do so in an attempt to strengthen their own faith, and they end up losing it.

So instead of chaing the faith path to more accurately reflect that which is the actual problem, the fact that many funamdntal faiths don’t allow for individual expression of that faith or deviation from minor points of dogma, they attack and attempt to suppress the instruments of research that are seen by them as causing the initial quest in the first place, completely ignoring the fact that even without those items the changes would still occur.

It is definately a form of mindcontrol, self imposed and self disciplined.

Also, when laying out the cookies and milk for Santa, don’t forget that while that large elf may not drink all the milk, eat all the cookies or take all the carrots/apples for the reindeer, the local strays will definately eat the apples/carrots, the birds will love the cookie crumbs and the feral cats will enjoy the milk. Giving those food items to the local animal life is one sacrifice that I think everyone can get behind, and it shares the celebration with them as well.

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