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Rune Interpretation Cheat Sheet


While this sheet is of my authorship, I can’t claim responsibility for developing the information on this sheet. I cribbed from “The Practical Guide to the Runes” by Lisa Perchel to assemble this. However, the names have been changed to reflect a consistent language, not the polyglot that was in that book.

Letter Rune Name Interpretation meaning Magickal Meaning
F Fehu (fay-hoo) Fehu
Material gain – Fulfillment – Uncontrolled (primal) fire Increase Money – Protection of Valuables – Sending – Hasten Affairs
U,V Uruz (or-rooz) Uruz
Wild Ox – Vitality – Male – True Will – Changes – Good Health New Situations – New Circumstances – Healing
TH Thurisaz (thoor-ee-saz) Thurisaz
Protection – Luck New Beginnings – Luck – Protection – Push Love – Get rid of opposition
A Ansuz (ahn-sooz) Ansuz
Mouth – Spoken Word – Taking Advice – Gaining of Wisdom – Examinations Gain Wisdom – Confidence – Increase in Magick – “Silver Tongue”
R Raidho (rye-ee-doe) Raidho
Travel – Journey of Discovery Gain Justice – Safe Travel
C,K,Q,X Kenaz (can-aaz) Kenaz
Fire (controlled) – Positive Attitude – Opening up – Creativity Strengthen Runes – Healing – Love – Stability – Fresh Start – Protect Valuables
G Gebo (geh-boe) Gebo
Gift – Partnership Love & Sex – Increase Magick – Partnership – Mind & Body Equilibrium
V,W Wunjo (voon-yoe) Wunjo
Joy – Success Fulfillment – Success in Travel
H Hagalaz (hah-gah-laz) Hagalaz
Hail – Limitations & Delays – All forces outside your control Protection – Luck – Positive Result
N Nauthiz (now-theez) Nauthiz
Patience – Passing through a difficult learning situation – Think twice – Failure – Needs Overcoming Distress – Achieve Goals – Protection – Find Love – Get relationship going
I,J Isa (ee-sa) Isa
Cessation of activities – Relationship cooling Freeze Situation – Develop Will – Halt unwanted forces
J,Y Jera (yer-ah) Jera
Harvest – Reaping of rewards – Justice Tangible Result – Bring event to pass – Legal matters – Fertility
I Eihwaz (eye-vahz) Eihwaz
Yew Tree – Protection Protection – Increase Power – Remove Obstacles
P Perthro (pear-throw) Perthro
Mystery – Hidden things, secrets, occult – Unexpected gains & surprises Evolve Magick – Investment – Find lost things – Good Health
Z Algiz (ahl-giz) Algiz
New good influence – Instincts – Friendship – Protection Protection – Friendships – Strength Luck & Life Forces
S,X,Z Sowelo (so-vel-oe) Sowelo
Victory – Great power – Great Health Victory – Healing – Strength & Self Confidence
T Tiewaz (tee-vaz) Tiewaz
Success – Extreme motivation – Increase in money or power – Masculine Victory – Competition – Quick Recovery – Ardent Male
B Berkana (bear-cah-nah) Berkana
Birth – Family – Home you made Fertility – Protection – Family – Fruition – Female (nurturing)
E Ehwaz (eh-vaz) Ehwaz
Physical Movement – New Dwelling – Physical shift – Gradual development & progress Swift change – Safe Travel
M Mannaz (man-az) Mannaz
Humankind – Independence Gain Assistance – Increase memory and mental powers
L Laguz (lah-gooz) Laguz
Intuitive Knowledge – Female – Memory – Success in learning Contact Intuition – Increase Vitality – Gather Energy
NG Inguz (ing-ooz) Inguz
Successful conclusion – Relief Fertility – Release Energy – Satisfactory End – “Fix” Outcome
D Dagaz (dah-gaz) Dagaz
Increase or Growth Financial Increase – Change in Attitude – New Beginnings
O Othala (oe-thah-lah) Othala
Possessions – Ideal or Visions – Inherited traits Monetary Gain – Health of Elderly – Protection of Possessions

These rune interpretations are taken from the book “The Practical Guide to the Runes” by Lisa Perchel, published by Llewellyn Publications.

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One Response to “Rune Interpretation Cheat Sheet”

  1. lightdragon says:

    that is my first book on runes. actually it’s my only book i read. other books on it were just chapters.

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