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Interesting times


Well, I’m sure that you are expecting me to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July. But I’m sure that in the course of being on the Internet today, you have seen that wish more often than not. So while I love my Country and fear my Government, I’ll say “be safe with the fireworks, be reasonable in your drinking, and remember that the rights these people fought for to give you, to make this country a free one are slowly being taken away with your permission by the government you elected. And now one more moderate is gone.”

Okay, enough of the soapbox.

I went to a July 3rd party yesterday and met one of my readers. That was an ego boost from hell. Really. I mean, I have a lot of friends who read my Livejournal, and most of them read my Journal here, but to have one person who I had never met before approach me at an event and recognize me from my picture. Especially since it was at an event that had NOTHING to do with Paganism at all. Just wierd and very very flattering.

(I shaved the beard and moustache for a costume party the night before. Here’s a picture: )

Current picture of Daven, July 4, 2005

That proves that people actually DO listen to my words. Or are reading what I have to say, or something. Wow. What’s more, they are agreeing with what I have to say. I think that’s more shocking than many other things. It’s easy to write something non-controversial, an essay that doesn’t offend anyone so that many people will read it. But I am hardly a non-controversial person. I am me, and if you don’t like it, oh well.

But regardless, it’s nice to actually meet one of the people who keep me going. It means a lot.

Now, off to finish one of the articles I’m working on. Damn, gotta get something done for this weekend. If I can do an article/review a week, I’ll be a happy Daven.

I also need to put up a pronunciation guide. It’s Dahven, like “have” rather than Dayven as in “day”. It’s Dahvenport, not Dayvenport. LOL

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