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Interesting happenings

I know I haven’t been saying much here lately, and Lord and Lady know that I haven’t been writing any articles, but time has been in very short supply recently. Work concerns, recovering from the holidays, trying to get my washer replaced and so on have all conspired to make it so that I haven’t had much time to do more than bare maintenance here lately.

I have new articles. I’ll put them up when they have run their time on Rending the Veil. I can get one up, part one of a four part series I did exclusively for them.

I’m reading a book called “Magickal Self Defense”. I’d get the exact title and author, but I have a cat on my lap who is sucking on my arm. Boots has become my familliar in many ways and it warms my heart.

As you may know I have been having problems online with a “gentleman” (and I use that term loosely) named Elder RavenFire. I have found him to be a boor and a loud-mouthed child who insists on being called “Elder” and accorded the respect that Elders are given, even though he is only 22 and has only skimmed books and needs to really work out many problems he has with other faiths.

Well, recently I got asked for information I had collected about him by a man named “Mabon”. No, I have no idea who this person is, I can’t find any information on him online anyplace, and can only conclude that this person is someone that RavenFire crossed paths with, insulted and disrespected who has decided to investigate. Anyhow, this Mabon asked if he could reference my profile info I had up here on this blog, as well as the information on Mark Ventimiglia and other notables for his website. Since I get requests like this about once every two weeks or so, I told him no problem.

Today I get an email from Mabon referencing this site: …hopping down the Bunny Trail and more specifically their profile of RavenFire. Wow. Someone went to some trouble and did some homework. I didn’t have half this info.

But RavenFire and I have called it quits. Or, more precicely, I have called it quits and he keeps trying to force something. He had made some disparaging remarks about me and a friend, pulled a livejournal community as proof of his paranoid delusions and so on. For some reason he pulled it all down and I told him I would pull the info I had on him down as a show of good faith. Well, he’s back to making disparaging comments about me and blaming me for his problems, so now I am under no obligation to do anything other than live my life the way I want. All promises to him are null and void. You read it here.

And then there are other blogs.

I have two more. One at Blogspot.com. It’s called “A Druid’s Blog”. That is where I post things I want read that are not appropriate for here (as this is mostly religious in nature of dealing with some aspect of the website here.) Then there is my LiveJournal, but that’s private thoughts, feelings, bitches, whines and so on. Only selected people make it on that list. No hard feelings.

Okay, cat left: “Protection and Reversal Magick” by Jason Miller. Have to get it finished soon.

My most powerful talisman broke a few days ago. The clasp snapped. Luckily I know a man who makes jewelry and I asked him if he could fix the clasp. He did so and it took him DAYS to do so. You try giving a personal talisman you have had for 14 or more years, which you have poured all kinds of energy into (and which you use as your personal power sink) gone from your life for more than a day and see what it does to you… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, doing a search on ecauldron and I got a nice write-up, I think….

I think that’s enough for now. Buy a tarot reading! Let me buy a new washing machine for the house here. LOL

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