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I am a Priest (poetry)


I am a Priest
It is up to me to present the Gods
to those who may not know Them.
I speak for the Gods
to others and share Their words
to those who cannot hear.

I am a Priest.
It is up to me to represent
my Gods in the best manner I can.
I speak with Their authority
I move through my life
and I am Them on this Earth.

I am a Priest.
I have no excuses
when my Gods ask me where I went wrong.
I cannot say “I did not know,
“I did not hear, and I cut a corner.”
I should know better than that.

I am a Priest.
I have a connection to the Gods
that others may not have.
I can hear Them and They comfort me
when I despair and when I hurt
I am embraced in Their arms.

I am a Priest.
More than anyone else,
I have to have a Personal relationship
with my Gods. They are part of my
waking, my sleeping, my breathing
and I can never forget They are with me.

I am a Priest.
I have to trust with my life
beings I know exist, but cannot see.
I know Their arms are around me
and I have to know They care
Because the evidence others rely on I don’t have proof of.

I get no store bought presents
I have no kisses at night.
I see Their face in the Dawn
I kiss them in the moonlight on my lips
And I hear them when I am still.

Do I regret? No
I love my life
I would not change it.
They tell me I am loved even when no one else does.
I feel them with me in my despair
And I share the Joy when I have my emotional movements.

I am a Priest
and all that I am, I dedicate to the Gods.
I cannot stop it.
I would not stop it, even if I could.
I am a living representation of my Gods
and I am Their Priest.

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