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Oh my goddess….

Norm is back. It’s one of those situations that is just too stupid for words.

As many may know, I’m a regular (and one of the admins) at Obsidian’s Mirror Forum. In the past we have had problems with Norm Vogel (and if you want to find his site, do a Google Search, I’m not giving him free publicity). Mainly because he’s got chronic and terminal Fluffyitis. I have done an expose’ on his site a while back (which is available here) and he had a fit. I have no clue why, probably because I tended to say that his site was spreading disinformation.

Sad thing is that most of the current crop of Wiccans and witches would agree that his site stinks. Now mind you, I did not say that his entire site stinks, just one page. It’s an important distinction that apprently “Mr.” Norm does not see.

Well, he has a cronie, by the name of “Dragon Goddess”. (Once again, do a Google Search) She is one of those brainless people who don’t critically evaluate information they read, she simply regurgitates whatever she’s fed, without thinking it through. It’s sad really.

Turns out that a poster in the new forums at Obsidian’s is Dragon Goddess in disguise. She being a mole (or is that mold?) simply because she can. And, to add idiocy to brainlessness, she’s bragging about doing that on a YahooGroup of Norm’s.

Apparently I am a “young upstart” who wants to throw all tradition out the window because I feel like it. Never stopping to consider that a religion has to change and grow or it becomes mired in the “ancient ways” like the Catholic Church has.

Damn, I’m tred of the drama AGAIN. Makes me tired. So I think I will ignore this.

Stupid thing, I left a compliment in Dragon Goddess’ guest book when she redesigned her site and removed the fluffy information. I told her she did a good job. Apparently that confused them completely, and they don’t know how to react.

So whatever….

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