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Well, there’s a time for everything.

Right now I have a lot of stress from various places that I have to focus on. So, once again, the Journal is going to suffer. I know that some of you got excited when I started posting more articles and writing more for the Journal.

But because work has picked up again (and I’m currently 2 days behind schedule mainly due to about 25 new-hires and requests I have pending), I’m going to have to let one of these balls drop.

My lovely other half Mary has voulenteered to write for me and to put things up in her own voice. I don’t know if I’m going to let her do it or not, but we can discuss it. I may just “constrain” her to posting here, since she does have an ID and could do so. But I don’t know.

Sorry my readers about this, but things happen. Hopefully this will work out somehow.