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Harry Potter


First published on “The Juggler”

You know, I wish that there was a thing called LOGIC in the world.

Because if there was, all these people running around (like Pope Benedict XVI and others) would realize that reading does not equal becoming.

Yes, Harry Potter has witches in it. Yes, there are Wizards in there. No, it is not Pagan. (Point in fact, there is no mention anywhere what religion Harry and the others are.) No, it is not Satanic. No, it is not Wiccan. No, there is no chance, unless the child is already leaning that way, that Harry Potter will lead children away from the CHURCH.

It’s a book people. Get over it. It’s one of those things that you open up and read from. Like the BIBLE. Like the Hymnals. Like Science books (oh, I’m sorry, those are satanic too, aren’t they? Because they may lead people into thinking that the Bible has been edited and contains contradictions in it).

It’s a fun story. If what all the Fundamentalists say is true, then do you know how many people would be Pagan now? Paganism and Witchcraft would be the largest religion in the world. Several hundred million people leaving the Christian Church (or is that Crutch?) would leapfrog Pagan religions over every other religion out there. I mean, there’s the books, having been out for a decade or so, the movies, the audio books, the culture shock and media blitz’s, I’m sure that worldwide it would be insane. *POOF* You’re Pagan now, you touched Harry Potter.

This paranoia is stupefying.

And I’m going to be right in the middle of it.

Yes, your Resident Druid is going to be at the premire (yes, that’s deliberately misspelled) of one of the Harry Potter books tonight at Books a Million. We bought the book about four months ago. The countdown timer on my website shows less than a day now. I’m eagerly awaiting driving home after work today, going in and scarfing whatever food is for dinner, running up to BaM and waiting in line. Should be about 3000 people there with me for the event. Whole families turning out and then the group of Christian Zealots are going to show up (almost guaranteed) and start screaming about how Harry Potter is responsible for the decline of God in America.

I wonder if they ever stopped to consider that the decline of God in America is caused by God never being around and God causing all kinds of heartache when he is around.

I honestly expect this one to be worse in a series of premires. Given the current Zealot-friendly atmosphere it should make for a hell of a show.

Wonder if I should go in my Druid Robes with my Staff? Hmmmmmm…..

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