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Before the ceremony the couple should sit down with the Priest and Priestess and work out a fair division of property and make arrangements for the care of any children. The Scribe would make note of this, then the record would be signed by all.

[Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Thegn: (Husband’s name) and (Wife’s Name) stand forth!

[Husband and Wife stand before the Altar, facing the Priest and Priestess, Wife before the Priest and vice-versa.]

Priestess: Why are you here?

Husband: I wish a handparting from (name).

Priest: Why are you here?

Wife: I wish a handparting from (name).

Priestess: Do you both desire this of your own free will?

Husband and Wife: We do.

Priest: Has a settlement been reached between you regarding the division of property and (if appropriate) care for the child(ren)?

Husband and Wife: It has.

Priest: Has this been duly recorded, signed, and witnessed?

Scribe: It has.

Priest: Then let us proceed, remembering that we stand ever before the Gods.

[Husband and Wife join hands.]

Priestess: Together, Repeat after me: I (name), do hereby most freely dissolve my partnership with (Spouse’s name). I do so in all honesty and sincerity, before Woden and Freya, with my brothers and Sisters of Wicca as witness. No longer are we One; but are now two Individuals, free to go our separate ways. We release all ties, one to the other, yet ever will we retain respect for one another, as we have love and respect for our fellow Wiccans. So be it!

Priest: Hand-Part!

[Husband and Wife release each other’s hands, remove their wedding bands and give them to the Priestess. She sprinkles and censes them saying:]

Priestess: In the Names of Woden and Freya do I cleanse these rings.

[She returns the rings to the couple.]

Priestess: Now are you Handparted. Let all know you as such. Go your separate ways in Peace and in Love- never in bitterness- and in the ways of the Craft. So be it!

All: So be it!

[Then follows Cakes and Ale and Clearing the Temple.]

If one person cannot be present due to illness or relocation, then a Witch of the appropriate sex can be there for Proxy. There should be a signed Proxy statement along with the ring.

Best performed on the Waning of the Moon.

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.

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