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Going Quickly


I love this.

I’m managing to impress my teacher. I just turned in a ton of stuff from my lessons, and it covered about 5 lessons in one swell foop, and apparently this is not something he’s used to seeing. And I understand that too. See, I know what it’s like to get a page of assignments back that repeat the same 5 facts you just went over back to you, paraphrased and slightly different, but with no real original thought in it.

I’m turning in original thought on the subject. Like one of the questions was about “what did Mannanan tell Bran about the Otherworlds” and I went on to say that if you read between the lines, he basically winds up telling Bran that the Otherworlds are based in perception. What you believe you percieve, you will see. He told them about what he was seeing as opposed to what Bran and his men were seeing, and how that related to the way the Universe is structured.

I swear, if Kenn’s back wasn’t hurt he would have been dancing for joy.

It’s nice to be able to do that for him, to give him the gift of my scholarship.

Now I have to worry about my book budget. I have to go out and sometime buy about 6 books off the required reading list, as well as a tome that is MUCH later in the course, but I don’t have the money for it. Oh well, something will come along.

Plus, there is I need to get a Conch shell for the rituals. Where do I get one of those?

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