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Goddess Faces

My wife Mary [1] got a question on this topic on Care2 [2] and she wrote this response. She claims that she has no clue where 99% of it came from.

Ah, my apologies. In my faith women go through four phases in life. Maiden, Mother, Crone and occasionally bridging all three Warrior.

Maiden is the springtime of life, learning and growing, glowing with all the possibilities possible for anyone, yet a girl for potential is not fulfillment.

Mother is more responsible, and having children of her own or not, is a nurturing influence on those around her. She is a woman, secure in her knowledge and place. She is not subservient to men, far from it. She is an equal partner with them. They must have each other to bring new life into the world. The tribe always needs new life.

Crone cannot bear children anymore but hers is the wisdom of age, hard won in many cases. Not only does she have life experience, she has knowledge from the books and teachers of this world and the other. It is her duty to pass on her wisdom to the tribe.

The Warrior is the more hidden aspect, and formerly feared by men. She is the fighter that knows no quarter. Guardian of women and children she was in the past the last defense of the tribe. By her chosen role she stands outside of the traditional roles of women, dedicated to them and the Goddess in a unique capacity.

I am not a Native American, although I honor that tradition. Instead I am learning from Celtic lore and the attempts to reconstruct that world in all it’s barbarism and beauty, knowledge and wisdom.

Sorry for the lecture, it comes naturally to me.

Thank you Mary for that. More information for everyone.