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Glossary of Pagan and Wiccan Terms pt 1

(Note from Daven:  This is probably the most complete glossary of terms I have ever come accross.  I have no idea where DenElder got all these from, but it is exceedingly complete and not a lot is left out.  I highly recommend that you not only get a copy of this, but that you READ it.)

Glossary of Pagan and Wiccan Terms


Although I’ve been into magickal practices all my life, I continually find words I don’t understand or whose meanings have changed. I started writing down these words & meanings; the 33 note glossary is the product of this. Since I had so much trouble, I figured others may be having the same problem, especially beginners & nonPagans who read here.

To these people, I share this glossary. REMEMBER! I’ve kept things VERY simple! Some subjects like Akasha could, & have been explained in volumes. But my goal is to GIVE AN IDEA of meaning(s) or controversy; YOU will have to ask further or do further research. There are MANY PEOPLE who need thanked for helping me with this.

Some comes from the backs of books but most is from the Priests/esses from here on P*. Some without knowing as I lurked through the subjects.

So– DO NOT GIVE ME too much credit for this, I may have gathered, typed & updated but the knowledge WAS NOT all mine… If you wish to share, do so with my Blessing but please do not try to take credit where it is not due… already this glossary has been posted on other BBS & certain persons try to take credit they don’t deserve.

May One Above All guide you on the Path of Knowledge!


Acolyte: as used in many P* notes, means a ‘novice’.

Affirmations: this is a belief often employed by Wiccans; that repetitive “Positive Assertive Thoughts” will influence people & reality. Use to be called “Positive Thinking.”

Akasha: the 5th element, the omnipresent spiritual power that permeates the universe. It is the energy out of which the Elements formed.

Alchemy: 1) pseudo chemistry of transmuting metals. 2)transmutation of Inner Self to a higher more Spiritual plane.

Allah: ‘God’ in Islamic theology; originally ‘Al-Lat’, the Moon.

Altar: a table of sorts, on which is done magick. Sometimes round to Symbolize the Goddess, or square and represents the Elements. Best made of wood, and facing East toward the rising of both Sun and Moon. The left 1/3 is for the Goddess, center for both Diety and right 1/3, for the God. Suggested layout (S. Cunningham / Solitary Practitioner): See my Altar notes…

…..Goddess Symbol………………….God Symbol…..
……….or candle…………censor…………..or candle………
…….water bowl……………red candle…………….salt bowl…
…chalice or cup………..offering plate………….incense……
…….bell………..spell material……bolline……

Amulet: a magically empowered object that deflects (sends away) specific, usually negative, energies. Generally, a protective object. *Compare with Talisman.

Anaphrodisiac: a substance, such as camphor, that reduces sexual desires. .

Anglo-Saxon: English of c.5th – 11th centuries.

Anima / Animus: Jungarian concept that ANIMA, is the buried feminine element in a man’s psyche & that ANIMUS is the buried masculine element in the female. This then fits to the Pagan views that Self and/or Soul, is both male & female, and with the concepts of reincarnation.

Animistic: the belief that all forms of Nature has a Divine Spirit within.

Aphorism: a sparsely worded, and direct little saying. Ex.: ‘As above, So below.’

Aphrodisiac: a substance that produces sexual excitement.

ARADIA: was the Goddess daughter of Diana, & the Goddess of choice of those of Italian (STREGA) traditions.

Aromatherapy: use of various flower, herb, oil and incense fragrances and smells. HOLISTIC AROMA: uses massage and smell. MAGICKAL AROMA: uses smell and visualization.

Aspects: qualities or characteristics of something or Deity, etc. Ex.: Luna is an aspect of the Moon Goddess. Orion is an aspect of the antlered or Horned God.

Aspecting: this is when a person in magickal exercise, manifests ASPECTS of a God/dess, with/in themselves.

Asperger: a bundle of fresh herbs or a perforated object, used for purificatory purposes to sprinkle water during or proceeding ritual.

‘As above, so below.’: this saying means that universal & natural laws apply to inner & outer consciousness. That everything is connected and is part of one another.

Astral: other existing dimensions of reality.

Astral Projection or AP: the act of separating the consciousness from the physical body and moving it about at will.

Astrology: the belief that the relative positions of planets & other Space Bodies, influence events & behavior surrounding us; & is the exercise in calculating these related happenings. ASTRONOMY is the hard science.

Astrology, Natal: refers to calculating the planetary influences at the time of the subject’s birth.

Atavism, Atavistic: these terms refer to characteristics of all living organisms, that has a hereditary characteristic trait or deformity, etc.; that shows up after having skipped a generation or more. It’s the reversion to the original type, like if you plant a hybrid seed but it grows up like its wild ancestor.

Athame: a personal knife, usually made of steel and is double bladed or edged; with a black handle. Double edged to Symbolize that power works both ways: healing & harming, creation & destruction; light & dark. Both sides necessary & both sides needing controlled. The black because it absorbs power. The owner often engraves magick symbols into the metal. A magickal tool associated with change makes it the symbol of the Element – Fire, and its phallic nature links it to the God.

Aura: the colored, low level energy field that surrounds living tissue.

Avatar: an advanced soul, who chooses to return to a physical body, in order to teach less evolved souls. Ex.: Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, & Zoraster.

Balefire: a fire lit, usually outdoors, for magickal purposes and traditionally on Yule, Beltane & Midsummer.

Bane / Baneful: that which destroys life. Poisonous, dangerous, destructive.

Banish: the magickal act of driving away evil or negativity. A strong purification, sometimes associated with the removal of ‘spirits’.

Beastie: 1) one’s pets. 2) small house entities or spirits. SEE END OF GLOSSARY for more on ‘Beasties.’ .

BCE: Before Common Era is the nonreligious equivalent of BC.

Bell: an altar tool, symbol of the Goddess and rung during ritual to invoke Her. Also rung to ward off negative or evil and for the opposite, to evoke good energies. Or to signal the beginning and/or end of a spell. Can symbolize the motion of the Elements and its swinging to and fro, represent the extremes of good and evil; positive and negative.

Beltane: the festival celebrated on April 30th or May 1st. It celebrates the maturity of the God to manhood and the union of the God and Goddess, and her fertility. Also called May Day, the old English May Pole tradition was of a phallic symbol, marking the return of vitality, passion and consummated hopes. Pronounced b’ YALt’n.

Besom: broom, usually the round type. Symbol of the Element Water.

Biddy: 1) a ‘doll’ made from the last sheaf from the last harvest….SEE CORN DOLLY. 2) the little c.4″ doll was made from material scraps.

‘Beyond the Veil.’: is a term pertaining to those things beyond our ‘normal’ 5 senses, such as angels, fairies, ghosts, etc. & things like channeling.

Bigotry: willful ignorance.

Biorhythm / Circadian Rhythm: this is the study of 3 physical, intellectual, & emotional vibrations or components, that start when we are born or at conception; OPINIONS VARY. These then are tracked to predict high & low days in a person’s life. More simply put – these are our INTERNAL CLOCKs, doing things like changing our temperature & blood pressure throughout the day…

PHYSICAL: state of the body, strength, vigor, pain, etc.
state of the mind, logical thinking, problem solving ability, etc.
state of personality, happy, irritated, angry, sad, elated, etc.

Birthstone or Sunstone: the crystal assigned to one’s birthmonth, representing the Sun aspect. A natal stone.

Bolline: a white handled knife, single edged to reflect it’s working nature, and used in ritual purposes of cutting herbs, or engraving candles, etc. It is a working tool as opposed the magickal Athame. The white is to tell it apart from the black handle. Sometimes pictured as a miniature scythe, a curved bladed tool.

Book of Shadows: a Wiccan book of rituals, spells and other magickal lore. Best when handwritten. This is another very personal item, some say it should be destroyed at the ‘passing over’ of its owner, preferably by their Coven or Circle members.

Book, Mirror: a diary record of personal magickal events.

Bouquet: in perfumery, a blend of natural or synthetic scents which produce a specific odor.

Breed: is a mis-spelling of the phonetic sounding ‘Bride’, another name for Brigid, etc. and refers to the Goddess as well as the holiday of Imbolc, Candlemas, etc…Feb. 1st.

Brew: see infusion.

Burin: an engraving tool, often made with wooden handle carved by user and a sharpened nail.

Burning Times, the: this refers to the period of history called the ‘Middle Ages”, when an arguable number of persons were put to death, supposedly for witchcraft. Burning was hardly the only manner of death, & witchcraft hardly the only reason. The Christian Church, during this time stamped out religious practices they didn’t understand, & added a great deal of wealth to their coffers; as did landowners greedy of their neighbors.

Cabochon: a cut and polished stone, with one rough edge.

Cape: an outer garment, thrown back behind the shoulders to cover the back; like Superman’s cape.

Cardinal Point: North, East, South, & West. These are often marked in the Circle, by candles or other items. I use candles, crystals, & herbs.

Cartomancy: the act of reading cards in divination work.

Catharsis: is from CATHARTIC, which is a purgative; sort of like intestinal flu! CATHARIZE: means to clean & purify, then CATHARSIS: also means to purify but usually thought of as emotional rather than physical, like calming music or a pretty picture; it clears the mind, soothing the emotions, etc.

catholic: with a small ‘c’, means: open to all’, a generic name borrowed by the first Christians to entice people into their churches.

Cauldron: an iron, fire proof pot or kettle. Usually having 3 claw feet and a handle, this is from the Celtic stories of Kerridwen, whose cauldron had three powers: inexhaustibility, regeneration, and inspiration. It’s use is for cooking or brewing and is the symbol of the Goddess, the Element Water, and reincarnation, immortality and inspiration.

CAW / Church of All Worlds: run by Morning Glory & Otter, who also run the Pagan adult magazine Green Egg & child magazine HAM (How About Magick).

CE: Common Era is the nonreligeous equivalent of AD.

Censer: 1) A heat-proof container in which incense is smoldered; an incense burner or any similar object. 2) Symbol of the element Air.

Centering: the act of feeling solid, balanced and focused emotionally.

Chakra: the term encompassing the Power Points of the body; these are spinning ‘wheels’ of energy:

……….about 2″ above your head is a chakra that works with your Higher Consciousness.

The Seven Major Chakras:
……….Crown / pituitary
……….3rd Eye / pineal
……….throat / thyroid
……….heart / thymus
……….solar plexus / lyden
……….spine / adrenal
……….lumbar / gonads

Plus various Minor Chakras:
…..such the ones the center of your hand palms
…..soles of the feet
…..behind each eye
…..in front of ears, where the jaw bone hinge is
…..above each breast
…..behind the knees

However, the one behind the knees or a separate one (?) is about 2″ above the knee, then about 1″ toward the inside of the leg; if your press & release several times (don’t rub!), you can neutralize leg pain sometimes.

Chalice: a Water Element symbol. A symbol of marriage, abundance, and inexhaustible sustenance; see Cauldron for same qualities. An altar tool.

Channeling, physical: is the action of psychic impulses on a physical level; such as using a tarot deck.

Channeling, mental: is the action of psychic impulses on a mental level; such as clairvoyance. A term often used by authors wishing to sell their books, as this was quite a ‘fad’ for several years… it’s the exercise where a person ‘channels’ the thoughts of a person considered ‘dead’. This includes spirit entities, ‘angels’, & deceased persons.

Charge of the Goddess: not an exercise but a well-known literary work. Doreen Valiente did it for Gardner but I don’t know if she is the original writer of it or not. The High Priestess intones these words, as the Goddess to her ‘hidden children’ during ritual.

Charging / to charge: to infuse an object with your personal power.

Chatoyancy: the property of some stones such as Tiger’s Eye or Moonstone; of showing apparent movement, illumination or opalescence, within it.

Cheiromancy: the act of reading palms, or PALMISTRY; in divination work. Pronounced, kie ro mancy.

Circadian Rhythms: is the same thing as biorhythms.

Circle: 1) sphere of magick, either personal or coven. 2) looser group of Wiccans, not part of a Coven.

Claimer: Granny term. Action of consciously/unconsciously of seeing an object you want VERY much, & placing a psychic ‘mark’ on it, that holds the item until you can get it… also called ‘MARKING IT.’

Clairvoyance: the ability to see things not normally perceptible to sight; means clear seeing. CLAIRVOYANT: is the person with this ability. CLAIRAUDIENCE: means ‘clear hearing’. CLAIRSENTIENCE: means ‘clear sensing’ or empathy.

Cleopatra’s Needle: an obelisk shaped crystal, used as a collector of negative and pentup energy. Usually placed in a flower part or sea sand to ground.

Cloak: an outer garment that sits across the shoulders covering the back & coming across to cover the front, with a clasp at the neck.

Cloak, Witch or Traveler’s: same as the Cloak above, but with a hood. When used as a Witch’s garment, best make it of natural fibers; include secret pockets for tools such as herbs or crystals; and include protective herbs in the linings. This is a personal item, DON’T let others wear your cloak! A symbol of dignity and invisibility. OPINIONS VARY ON COLOR MEANING: dark for protection OR black for absolute evil. OPINIONS VARY on this latter definition, MANY feel black is a lack of color; drawing & absorbing & storing energy. NOTE: there is much disagreement on the proper definition of cloak, many will say the weight or material defines it. But the ones I’ve given here make the most sense to the most people. NOTE: Never approach unannounced, a person in a black; SOME wearers are not very nice & carry weapons!

Comehither: Granny term. The act of ‘calling’ something or someone to get in touch with you. Sometimes used in reference to an item that wants a person. Such as a crystal, that you feel compelled to buy; or a person you feel compelled to phone. Goes both ways…

Cone of Power: some raise power during ritual, then form it into CONE shape & send it out on the world in a magickal spell.

Consecration: 1) A ritual of sanctification or purification. 2) A ritual of dedication.

Cords of Life: is a Starhawk ritual. Using decorated & colored cords, the purpose is to get an idea of ‘you reap what you sow.’

Corn dolly: a human shaped formed from braided grain (not corn husks) stocks, with grain heads where the head is located. Represents the Mother Earth’s fertility. Often made from the last of the harvest…SEE BIDDY.

Coven: an organized group of Wiccans led by a Priestess, Priest or both, and joined through initiation.

Covenstead: the home of the coven.

Covendom: is a circle around the Covenstead, traditionally 3 miles across.

Latin :VENIRE & COM = together & to come or move.
Middle English: COVIN = a group of confederates.
Old French : COVINE = group with a single purpose.

Cowan: a person, not of Wiccan beliefs. It use to refer, as a derogatory term for a ‘fake’ or ‘gameplayer’ Pagan; a FOOL who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Coyote: a tricky, prankster, perverse or clowning person named after the Nat.Am. ‘Coyote’, who tricks man into learning needed lessons.

Craft, the: another name for the Wicca Religion.

Crone: 1) Third aspect of the Mother Goddess. 2) A Witch of 50 or 56 yrs, or post menopause. 3) A term of respect. CRONING, then is the ritual which celebrates a person reaching this status. The Crone Goddess rules from Lughnasadh to Samhain, when the God aspects take over. The male counterpart can be a Sage or Seer depending on tradition.

Cross-quarters: these are the 4 holidays that fall between the Quarter holidays, see next… they are the midpoints of the season or Quarters & relate to lambing, harvest, planting, & slaughter times. As opposed to Solar dates of QUARTERS, these being the 4 holidays that recognize Solstices & Equinoxes.

Crystal: any of the many types of crystals, gems, minerals and rocks, which are used according to their characteristic vibrations or qualities in Earth Magic.

Crystal Ball: though many types of crystal can be bought in sphere (round) form, this term is almost exclusively a reference to the clear quartz type, used for scrying and divination. Its round shape makes it a Goddess symbol, which is why periodic moonbaths will keep it clear of negative energies and enhance its psychic powers.

Cup: an altar tool that often looks like a cauldron on a stem. Symbol of the Goddess and fertility; and of the Element Water.

Curse: a conscious direction of negative energy toward a person, place, or thing.

Days of Power: see Sabbat.

Death…is reference to the physical body NOT the Soul or Spirit, which is usually believed to go on to another body in the exercise of REINCARNATION.

DEATHING: is the exercise of sitting with a ‘dying’ person as comforter or can be the ritual exercised to ease the soul ‘over’ into its new existence.

DEATH IN SERVICE: meaning service to life; is the natural death such as from illness, old age, child birth, rescue attempts or self sacrifice to help another. BUT does NOT include murder, execution, suicide, war, torture deaths, etc. TO ME…Death is that state of existence consisting of change, evaluation, planning, & forgetting…DenElder

Dedication: is like a solemn promise or vow, like dedicating yourself to Wicca before being actually initiated. Pledging yourself, would be a dedication.

Degrees: this varies between traditions but a DEGREE is a level of expertise recognized by a more adept person. Sometimes these are meaningless, self vanities but usually a 1st Degree person can work in rituals; 2nd Degree maybe could lead the ritual; and 3rd Degree can teach & do initiations. Some groups talk about dozens of Degrees, etc. & other people don’t have any but are still just as qualified. It can get VERY confusing! As with most Wicca exercises, the person must ASK to be DEGREED, however I don’t know what happens if there is nobody TO ask… Some High Priest/esses can recite their LINEAGES, that is: ‘my degree from so & so, who got theirs from so & so’, etc.

Deosil: a clockwise circle, following the Sun and Moon’s motion in the sky. It represents positive energy & a building up of, or creation of energy & exercise. Opposite of Widdershins.

Divination: 1) the ritual process designed to contact the psychic mind. 2) the magickal act of discovering the unknown. 3) the act (DIVINING) of contacting the psychic mind by tricking, or drowsing, the Conscious Mind through ritual & observation of, or manipulation of, tools. NOTE: this isn’t necessary for those who can easily attain communication with the psychic mind, though they may practice it.

Divine Power: the Life Force or Energy, which exist in the God and Goddess and the ultimate source of all things.

Donutting Clouds: Granny term… this is a mental exercise which purpose is to lay outside on your back, get comfortable, & as a slow moving cloud passes over, ‘drill’ a hole through it to blue sky using mind power.

Dowser: a person who is adept at using pendulum type devices; often though, it’s the Water Dowser that comes to mind, but this is only one aspect.

Drawing Down the Moon: the bringing of Goddess Power into one’s Self, especially during ritual. Physical changes such as voice pitch or aura brilliance can occur.

Earth Power: the manifested Divine Power found in natural things. Can be utilized by magick for needed change.

Eclectic: a mixture of beliefs borrowed from various Traditions and Theologies, as opposed to one Tradition or Theology and its set mode of ritual and belief.

Elements: Earth (North), Air (East), Fire (South), Water (West). These 4 essences are the building blocks of the Universe. Everything that exists, or has the potential to exist contains one or more of these energies. These 4 elements formed from Primal Essence or power, Akasha. AND for the Practitioner who wonders, “What the HECK are those people talking about?”…

Element Fire Air Water Earth
God name Elohim Jehovah Cheieh Agla
Archangel Michael Raphael Gabriel Uriel
king Djin Paralda Nichsa Ghob
Elemental Salamander Sylphs Undines Gnomes

I’m informed that the above goes with Quabbalah, Necromancy, RPing, & several other things! I don’t know!?!

Elf Lights: are made of little cairns of stone, with inside room for a small candle in its glass holder. The stones are staggered so that when lit, the light shines through. A loose stone covers the top a few inches above the flame. These are wonderful little garden lights!

Elixir: the liquid made by placing a gem or crystal, in a glass of water for a specified length of time, then drank. TAKE CRYSTAL OUT FIRST!

Elohim: in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word translated to ‘God’. However this is incorrect, or maybe only partially true! ELO – is feminine; while HIM – is masculine. ‘Elohim’ then, is a divine being existing in 1 entity of both masculine & feminine OR can be a reference in the plural meaning. See: Genesis 2:26′ Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness….’ (Note: vs27, then ‘So God created man in his OWN image…’ Just another little Bible & scholarly reason to debate religions over! Elohim would apparently represent Nature in Balance, you can’t separate the masculine & feminine. Like you have both positive & negative, etc. TWO SIDES to make ONE WHOLE.

Empath: a person who can feel the emotions of other animate (living) entities, such as human, plant or animal. Some include inanimate objects as well under this word. NOTE: see Psychometry: inanimate objects.

Empower / Empowering: the movement of personal energies into herbs, stones, and other objects. These tools, or objects, are then used for magick. In herbs, empowering aligns the energies within the herbs with magical goals.

Energy: this is the natural vibration or power that we tap into or raise, in our spells & rituals. 1) There are those who think of the Energy, as something they raise or generate. 2) Others think this Energy is there for the trained person to tap into & direct.

Enfleurage: a French perfumery term describing the process of extracting essential flower oils, with purified fat. Also known as POMMADE.

Ephemeris: an astrology term, it refers to a collection of precise dates & calculations, of when certain planets were where & when.

Equinox: twice a year, VERNAL (Spring) & AUTUMNAL; the Sun is exactly over the Earth’s middle or EQUATOR. This produces for one day the equal number of light & dark hours all over the world.

Esbat: A ritual occasion celebrating the Full Moon.

ESP / Extra Sensory Perception: 1) beyond the senses. 2) An awareness of events or emotions not present to the physical senses. Usually included is 4 types: telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis.

Essential Oil: the fragrant ‘blood’ or liquid of a plant, usually flower.

Ethereals: see Essential oil.

Evil: is not a word or thought used much by Wiccans. And more associated with the Christian & Satan beliefs.

Evocation: calling up spirits or other nonphysical entities, either to visible appearance or invisible attendance. Opposite of Invocation.

Exorcism:1) traditionally, the process of driving out negativities or spirits (demons). 2) in herb magick, a powerful purification.

Familiar: a magickal equal but animal partner, it shows unusual psychic & intelligent qualities with its human counterpart. Not merely a pet. And sometimes a created Being from the Will of the person.

Fetch: 1) The spiritual or ghostly double of an animal or person. 2) An apparition.

Fey: a Welsh term for fairy-like qualities, usually of clairvoyant nature.

Fivefold Kiss: this goes with the ‘Blessed Be..’ blessings & you kiss what you are blessing…(1) each foot (2) each knee (3) above ‘private area’ (4) each breast (5) lips… which really gets you 8 kisses but in 5 areas.

Flame Dancing: Granny term…an exercise in Mind Control attempting to control from a distance, a candle flame; to make it burn steady & still, or ‘dance’. The ultimate goal being to snuff the candle.

Folk Magic: the practice of combining Personal Power with Natural Energies, to create a specific purpose.

FRITH: old Norse word meaning ‘Peace’. (Wizard)

Fundamentalist or Fundy: a politically right-wing religious conservative. They are the ‘know-it-alls’ of the Christian belief structure & very aggressive. Disrespectful & ignoring of others rights to freedom of religion, they disapprove even of other Christians. The Bible is IT! Literally, & no discussion about it.

Gaian: a term which recognizes the Earth Goddess Gaia, as a living, breathing organism. Then everything else, is PART of it, rather than APART from it.

Gardnerians: are followers of the Tradition of Witchcraft created from the teachings of Gerald Gardner. A GEOMANCER is someone who practices the art of GEOMANCY, which is a system of divination that consists of making a random number of marks either on paper or a shallow box filled with earth, then constructing a pattern of dots from those marks, which are then interpreted for the answer. If you would like to know more about how this is done, The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie has a chapter about it. It’s a rather complicated system, and it’s used mostly in connection with ceremonial magic.

Gesture: the hand or arm movement, that is the silent counterpart to spoken words or music.

God: the divine equal and counterpart to the Goddess. Often depicted as the Green God of Summer and the Horned God of Winter. He is seen as the Sun, without which we couldn’t survive. His life, then is honored through the passing seasons of the year. Wild animals are his special concern and His aspect of the Horned God, with antlered helmet was the Christian source of titling Pagans as Satan worshippers. The God’s domains are the untouched natural lands whether mountain or desert or forest. The stars, too are his. And his symbols include: sword, horns, spears, wand, knife, arrow, and sickle.

Goddess: the divine Universal Mother, source of fertility, wisdom and love. Often depicted in 3 in 1 aspects of: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Her gift is Life and She is all Nature. The moon is her symbol, as are the cauldron, mirror and five-petaled flowers, to name but a few. Also called the Goddess Mother. The 4th Face of the Goddess: is that which is never seen, the dark  side of the moon; the Face of Death. Some say the source of Her power.

Grave goods: is NOT stuff dug up from graves!!! or grave stones!!! This is a collection of memorabilia, collected for someone who has just passed over, often then contained in a bag, then buried or cremated when the person is done. It can be things like pictures or herbs to ‘good wishes’ & spells of an easy transformation.

Great Rite, the: is the main part of a 3rd Degree Initiation of some Traditions.

Grimoire: a magical workbook with information on rituals, magickal properties of natural objects, preparation of ritual equipment. Many include a, ‘catalog of spirits’. One of the most famous is ‘The Key of Solomon’.

Greenwich Time: a term used in Astrology, Greenwich is where the meridian passes over & when the British set up a standard to make time worldwide, uniform; they started here at the time the Sun passed over. From this start, Time Zones were set up to cover large areas & Daylight Savings used to utilize sunlit hours but these are artificial times of convience for human use.

Grounding: the act of dispelling negative emotions and energies from the physical body. Hand, Projective: the right hand, which emits energies.

NOTE: switch if left handed! Hand, Receptive: the left hand, which receives energies. Handfasting: 1) the Wiccan, Pagan, & Gypsy wedding. 2) can also refer to a solemn betrothal. There are 3 basic marriage handfasting: a year & a day; lifetime; and time & eternity. Unlike a marriage until ‘death do you part’, a handfasting will stop, if the love stops (usually). Heathen: a person who dwells on the heath. . Henotheist: one who worships one ‘God’ but does not deny the existence or value of other ‘Gods’. Some Dianics are Henotheists. Herb: a plant used in cooking as seasoning, cosmetics, medically and/or in magick. HERBALISM: the practice growing, gathering & using herbs.

Hera: 1) a Greek Goddess. 2) a female her’o’.

Hex: see Curse.

High Priestess / HPS: a high statused, female practitioner. One who has passed several tests and initiations.

High Priest / HP: the counterpart of the High Priestess.

Horoscope: is the computation of ASTROLOGY, & presented in a CHART. It is erroneous to lump blanket predictions, such as found in the daily newspaper; under this term. Horoscope, to Cast: is the exercise of computing the HOROSCOPE.

Iconoclasm: first, icon is like a statue of a Goddess; ‘OCLASM’ is the act of breaking icons, or religious images. It can also refer to the act of attacking the beliefs of another; such as those we call Thumpers.

Imbolc: the festival celebrated Feb. 2nd marking the first stirrings of Spring as the Goddess recovers from giving birth to the God. Also called: Candlemas, Lupercalia, Feast of Pan, Feast of Torches, Feast of Waxing Light, Oimelc, Brigit’s Day, Snowdrop Festival, among others. Often a traditional time for self dedication or initiation. Pronounced: IM bulk.

Immanent: means something abiding in, inherit of, a natural & inborn quality.

Incense, combustible: selfburning incense containing potassium nitrate, usually in cone, block or stick form. NOTE: incense is an Air Element symbol.

Incense, noncombustible: incense without potassium nitrate, requiring heat to release the scent.

Incubus: an oversexed male demon or spirit.

Infusion: a liquid produced by soaking herbs in very hot water (not boiling!). A tea, brew, or potion.

Initiation: the introductory process, or admitting; of a new member into a group (coven).

Intuition: a term describing psychic information that unexpectedly reaches the Conscious Mind.

Invocation: 1) An appeal or petition to a higher power/s. 2) a prayer. 3) a request for a Diety’s appearance or attendance during ritual. 4) the practice that produces an awareness of Deity within.

King… in Celtic/Druid magicking, there is the Holly King of the waning year & his twin, Oak King of the waxing year. They switch at Summer Solstice, Oak from Holly. I’m told the poem ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’ has it’s originals in this myth rather than English political history. (?) KINGING: some Wicca use this ritual for a man of middle age. SEE QUEENING…

Labrys: the doubleheaded axe, symbol of an ancient Creten Goddess. It’s by or against the leftside of the altar.

Lady: a term of respect for a Priestess, usually one who leads a group of other Wicca practitioners. THE LADY: means the Goddess.

Latitude: used in Astrology; Latitude ON EARTH is distances North & South from the Equator. However CELESTIAL LATITUDE is the distances North & South of the ECLIPTIC.

Lemniscate: a mathematical symbol for ‘infinity’; it is a horizontal figure 8, that is the #8 lying on its side… this term comes up in reference to Tarot, & traditionally found on the cards: I.Magician, XI.Strength, & the 3rd time, on the II.Pentacles which formerly was the ‘key’ card bearing the deck maker’s signature. This no longer holds true, on newer, revised decks.

Livewood: refers to a tree in which a DRYAD or Wood Sprite type Being, is believed to dwell.

Livestone: refers to stones, mountains, cliffs, etc. in which a nature Being is believed to dwell.

Lord: a sometimes used term for a Priest. THE LORD: is the God.

Luck, good: a person’s ability to make timely, correct decisions or perform right actions; or place oneself in positive situations.

Luck, bad: 1) An unwillingness to accept self-responsibility 2) opposite of good luck.

Lughnasadh: the festival celebrated Aug. 1, marking the first harvest of winter food and ebbing of the Sun’s (God’s) energies and days grow short. A time to remember the bounty of food we eat and each meal an attunement to Nature. Also called: Aug. Eve, Lammas, and Feast of Bread. Pronounced: LOO n’sar.

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