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General Updates

Been a while.

Well, let’s see…

In no particular order

So all that has been keeping me from working on this for a while. I’ll try to get something up soon.

As for the apt. Turns out that our landlord is renting it too. There is the owner (who contacted us) who is renting it to our landlord, who is subleting it to us. He’s charging us a premium for it too. It’s a $25K property that has $18K left on it before it’s owned. But our landlord has been missing payments and not keeping up with the taxes and so on. So the owner called us directly and wants to sell it to us and bypass the guy who has been messing with him.

Now, here’s the dilemma; If we commit to purchasing this, then we won’t have the funds to purchase a house with more room for all of us. We won’t be able to move and four people in a one bedroom apt will quickly get on everyone’s nerves. If we don’t do this, and keep saving the money to get a house, then the owner will find another buyer who could evict us for whatever reason he wants (although with 90 days notice), leaving us out on the street if we can’t find a suitable place to move to. If we manage to buy the place, and a house, what do we do with it when we move out? I don’t want it, it would only be an investment, and with property values crashing like they are, the real estate market is soft.

So, I think no matter what happens, we may be screwed. The best we can hope for is to find a new house quickly, find someone with credit good enough to co-sign with us, us to move and for things with the apt to drift like they have been for now. Or the Powerball Lottery. Yeah, I think $150,000,000 or more could solve our problems really easily.

Something I threw together.

I made that. It’s Hemetite and Malechite with small Smoky Quartz beads in between. Supposed to be a mnemonic for me to remember the Ogham fews.