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General catching up


Okay, let’s see….

Got the new manual. Working my way through that and the resulting myths that I have to study that go along with it. Finished two articles for The Druid’s Arch, one on Bards (to probably be published first) and one on Tailtu (to be published near Lughnasdh). Both are in hands of DarkOwl, therefore, out of mine.

Over the weekend I got three candles at Dollar General. They cost a buck each. One Green, one Blue and one White. They are about 10 inches tall and about an inch and a half across. I got them to do rituals inside if the impulse comes over me for one reason or another. I have two small globe-style oil lamps that I have used for years in my Wiccan Rituals that I can use for the Deity Lights, one with green oil and one with brown oil.

For those of you who have not read back far enough, the candles represent the Three Realms of Land, Sea and Sky. The Land is the Green Candle, the Sea is the Blue Candle and the Sky is the White candle. Each of these get invoked during the ODU rituals, representing a specific force of Spirit or Life. The Sea is the pre-birth and emotions, the Land is the time we are alive and the intellect, the Sky is the after-life and the Superego. There are a lot of other associations that go along with these, but that’s enough for now.

A thought just occurred to me: I wonder if the Ogham runes could be associated with the three realms? I know there are 5 sets of 5, so that doesn’t evenly fit into a paradigm of threes, but I wonder if it’s possible if you remove things like the vowels to attribute certain Ogham with each Realm. Have to take a look at that.

Anyhow, the Deities invoked change from rite to rite, depending on what is going on, so there is no specific color associated with the God and Goddess as in Wicca. There are colors associated with specific deities, such as this color for Dagda, that color for the Morrigon, but not for the generic Lord and Lady.

The colored oil I got a long time ago at Wicks and Sticks in the mall. Brown oil is hard to come by, but they will dye it to your order for free. I thought that was nice of them.

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