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Full Moon Rite


[Erecting the Temple is performed. Priest and Priestess kiss.]

Priest: Now is the time when the Moon is full, signaling and lighting this night of our meeting. Let us call upon Woden and Freya to smile down upon us and pour forth their Love.

[Priest and Priestess raise their Seaxes high.]

Priest and Priestess: Woden and Freya!
We honor you; we love you!
All that you do
We know you do for out good.
So let all that we do
Be for the good of Thee.

[Priest lowers his Seax and kneels in front of the Priestess. She keeps her Seax aloft.]

Priest: Lovely Freya,
Known by so many names to so many men.
As different times and in different places—
Aphrodite, Bride, Cerridwen, Diana,
Freya, Ea, Melusine, Isis—
All these and many more
Were the names by which you were adored.
Yet do we know you as Freya,
And in that name is it meet that we worship you.
We adore the spirit of you, and of your Lord,
In Love and in grateful thanks.

[Priestess lowers Seax and raises Priest, kissing him. She then kneels before him.]

Priestess: Woden, Mighty God, Our Lord!
All honor to thee, Consort to Freya.
Let us, Your people, know you and love you.
Guard us well and guide us in our lives.
As Man needs Woman, so does Woman need Man.
So it is with the Gods.
Let us all be joined as one;
At one with the Gods.

All: So Be It!

[Priest and Priestess kiss after raising her to her feet.]

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.

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