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HomeStuff Frog Spell

Frog Spell

(Note from Daven:  Okay, do I have to state the blatantly obvious and tell you that this will NOT turn a person into a frog?  This is a JOKE and it is meant to be taken lightly.  This is not serious.  It is pretend.  It is a method of coping with someone you are mad at.  This is not real.  This kind of magick does not work…. Sing along with me now….)

Turn Someone Into A Frog

This spell is for entertainment purposes only and is not expected to be taken seriously. This is a mock spell for turning someone into a frog. Throughout the years shamans have practiced shapeshifting, the act of changing into an animal. Did they really change into an animal or did they appear to? Have you noticed that some people seem to have a certain animal energy? Some look and act like a cat when you look at and talk with them. Others remind you of a dog and still others remind you of a bear. Are they shapeshifting or do they think like that animal which they resemble? Do others see them as you do? In this spell to change someone into a frog I am not saying literally change them into a frog but change the way people look at them and how they look at themselves. Their dreams will be of wallowing in mud and eating bugs. To reverse the spell do a symbolic death of them as a frog and a rebirth as a human.


4 Blue candles (relates to water, the frogs home)
Water incense (any)
Frog (Don’t worry, we won’t be sacrificing it)
Clear glass bowl (for frog)
Picture of person to be turned into frog
Bugs (to feed the frog)

Start out by placing the picture under the frog’s bowl, where it can start absorbing the frog energy. Light the incense, cense the ritual area, and the candles which you have placed at each of the four quarters. We won’t actually be casting a circle otherwise the person might become a frog in real life. Stand in the East and say, “I call upon the frogs from the ponds in the east to come and witness the birth of one of yours.” Go to the south, west and north and do the same. Concentrate on the frog. See the frog’s energy and see the picture under the frog bowl. See the frogs energy now oozing into the photo, becoming the photo. See the person in the photo start to change until they take on the form of a frog. See their birth from frog’s egg, to tadpole to eventually a frog. This person takes on the frogs personality, habits, appearance, everything that a frog does and is this person will do. Now take the photo of the person and go to each of the quarters starting with the East holding the photo to the frogs in that quarter and recite, “Frogs in the East, hear my voice, Behold, another is born into the watery realm of the frog kingdom”. Do this to south, west and north. Now feed the frog the bugs in thanks for his help in making this possible. To help make the spell stick send the person a picture of a frog, their new appearance. You can also send them other pictures of frogs to show him/her their new family. From this time on they are no longer a human but a toad.

Vidar Andrewson – Mind Fire

Originally posted 2013-09-02 10:47:55. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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4 Responses to “Frog Spell”

  1. Bre says:

    Too bad it’s not real, it would be interesting to try this using a picture of myself! I don’t know why, I just think that would be cool. I love frogs.

  2. none of ur beeswax says:

    XD i cant stand incence thingys!!! any other way to do it?

  3. tyler says:

    if you wanted to do it for real life what would you do?

  4. Roxanne Lightborne says:

    Thanks a lot…now my brother is a frog and he ran away!
    Any way to reverse the spell!?

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