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Friday Thoughts

Some of you may have seen this post at some point in cruising around the Internet and various Journals and such. I myself have seen it three different places.

Sannion pointed out that we should be proud of it, since that represents the Freedom of Speech Clause of the United States Constitution in action.

I can understand this Point of View. I can since I have been a proponent of “I don’t agree with your words, but I will defend to the death your right to say them” for some time now. I have a respect for those guarentees that sometimes frightens me.

But I also see what the current crop of politicians are doing to those very freedoms. THEN I start wanting to cry and beat some people around the head. I see this “you only have freedoms if I say you can, and you can’t have them if I say you can’t” attitude becomming more and more prevailant in society today. Guess what? It is a system of government called “Fascism” and it was tried by Mussolini in World War II. That is what is happening to our Republic and our Democrasy as well. We are letting America become a fascist state.

But you know what? I don’t worry much. I worry only because it affects my ability to live my life now, and my daughter’s life in the near future, but I know that the world will still be around in 100 years.

Sometimes when exploring the Otherworlds (using my might-have-beens through the Many Worlds theory) it’s possible to travel into the future. The pathway that we wind up on based on what happens here and now. It’s interesting to watch waht happens and how.

I have seen the Bushes gain power, up to the Kenedys and the Bushes becomming dynastic leaders of American politics, but while the precipice always beckons, we never really step off into the abyss. It keeps staying close, but it never swollows us. America also doesn’t take over the world, which is a good thing. I mean, imagine how hard a job it is for the Japanesse to understand Americans, or the Russians, or the Iranians. There are cultural differences there that cannot be bridged. The “map” of experience and life changes when you transpose it into another country.

Can you imagine how hard it would be for American Politicians to understand the duty and honor concepts that are so ingrained in Japan on a culture-wide level? How if someone died due to products built by a manufacturer, OF COURSE you take care of all the bills and their offspring for the rest of their lives, that’s your giri or duty. It’s what you are supposed to do. It is very much like noblese oblige. But it’s a concept completly foreign to the American Corporate mindset. They would no more give away money to victims of their products than they would admit culpability in a massacre. It just isn’t done.

But I see that there is a trend that can derail us from that future. Actions taken or not taken now DO and CAN affect people centuries from now. So it’s important that we all act and work to make sure that we stay on track. And allowing hate and fear-mongering to spread is not the way.

Because there is another path that I have seen. World War III where all nations combine to wipe America from the face of the Earth. We keep betraying the promises we made when this country was founded. We have worked hard to get here. Now we need to start fulfilling the promises we made. Or we, as a nation, are Oath Breakers.

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