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First ODU Ritual

Well, first off, I was not expecting a whole lot to happen, and it’s a good thing because not a lot did. Let me start from the beginning of the ritual.

I had been preparing for this for two weeks or more. It started by buying a set of tiki torches, 5 in all, to use in this ritual. Actually, to be more accurate, I had 4 torches, a bottle of oil and I just needed to get some paint and another torch and I was all set.

So I purchased those, painted them (ruining my only pair of casual Friday jeans in the process) and put them aside to cure. Three were to be for the Realms, one blue one for the Sea, one green one for the Earth, and one white one for the Sky. The other two were for the Lord and Lady, and since I’m most comfortable with Herne and Rhiannon, that’s who I called upon.

I tell you, the Gods HAVE to have a sense of humor, because there were problems from the beginning. First thing, there is no spray paint at Best Buy. So I had to get some small cans of paint. Now, since there is also no paint thinner, I had to buy three brushes. No problem. I get them home and start painting. But, now we come to the ha-ha part, it winds up that the white paint I THOUGHT I bought turned out to be OD Brown, and I have already painted one of the torches with that, and I’m now holding the green paint in my hand. So I have to go out and buy another can of paint, white this time (I checked three times to make sure) and a can of paint thinner so I could clean the brushes.

So, that gets mostly taken care of, and I drop the flipping torches inside and get paint all over my shoes. Oh well.

The next night, I spend it carving Ogham runes on some sticks so that the divination part of the ritual will go off correctly. I asked DarkOwl and Awen (the Order’s head Seer) for information that they have on Ogham Divination, since I will be learning it anyhow and it just made sense to use the system I’m going to study, right?

Get the information, carve the runes, cut my thumb in the process, but no blood (for a wonder) then have to figure out just when to have the ritual.

The weekend I planned on, the 26th of April, my sister came into town unexpectedly and stayed with us. Since she’s Mormon, and I really don’t want to rock the boat where religion is concerned, and a guest in my home, the ritual got put off. The Celtic Virtue of Hospitality takes precidence in my mind over a ritual I can do at any time.

So the torches are waiting, and I’m carrying around the Ogham Sticks in my pocket. I go through the week like that, wondering if I can even have the ritual I want to have.

See, I have a quandry, I have two places I can do this outside, and neither of them are perfect. The first is a public park across the street, owned by the Parks Service. Now, there are no barbecues and I don’t remember seeing anyone grilling anything out there, so I don’t know the policy of the Service on fires (whch the torches most definately are). Plus, it’s a public park, meaning that if someone wanders over and interrupts me in the middle of meditating or something, I have to let them. They may be respectful and not disturb me, but if they do, I can’t do a damned thing about it. The attitude of the parks service will be “shoulda done it at home”.

Which brings up my second venue, home. Not a bad idea most people will think, until they understand that I live in an appartment complex. Wait, it gets better, this one has a security guard who goes around all night keeping us safe. (yeah right…) So, now I have the same problem as I have with the park, just a bit more immediate, and at least I do know their policy regarding fires, you have to have them in the quad. Except, 80% of the appartments in this complex look from their porches directly onto the quad. So everyone would be seeing what I’m doing and which appartment I live in. Now, while I’m not closeted at all, and am very open about my religion, it presents the potential for problems that I don’t want to go into since I don’t have the energy for radical activisim anymore.

So, where do I hold the ritual? I had decided to hold it at the park, working on the theory that it’s easier to beg pardon than to ask permission. I would have it at night 2 or 3 AM so there would be no one else there to bother me, but the cops became a problem at that point. Light from the fire carries at night, and since my only place to do this would be in full view of a major back road (State Highway) the cops would be traveling it continually.

Well, the problem got solved for me just about two hours ago. See, it’s 9 AM here, and I left at 7 to do the ritual at the park. On Saturday, I figured that no one would be there this early. And I was right. I was able to take the torches and my staff over to the park, set them up and have the ritual, without being disturbed.

I collected the torches, bundled them up, got the staff since it has a seashell tied to it and since I use it as a stang all the time, the oil, a funnel, the lighter I would need, my water and some popcorn for the grounding/feasting portion of the ritual and set out. Everything I could need for this ritual, including a “cheet sheet” for how the ritual was structured and the invocation/dismissal of the Veil between the worlds, since that is a manditory recital.

I got to the park, no one was in sight. I set up the staff, feathers, jingle bells, seashell, amulet and all in the ground, where it promptly fell over. I pushed it deeper into the ground and it stayed up allright. Got the torches in place, the Lord and Lady’s to the left and right of the Stang, and then the blue torch for the Sea in the South East, the green torch for the Earth in the South West, and the white torch for the Sky in the North. Now, mind you, I read through the rituals I have here looking for clues, but I don’t remember seeing the placements of the torches anyplace since this is unique. And I don’t have the bodies to do the grove version of a ritual, I couldn’t do it the way that I probably should have. I’m supposed to walk a spiral path from the SE, SW and N with the colored candles in my hand and light them at the altar. But, this is my first one, so I’m having to improvise somewhat. I didn’t have the diagram with me, and it’s tiny when you print it out even though you can see it when looking at it on the computer.

Regardless, I got the torches planted, carefully filled them with oil and looked around to make sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything.

But, remember the God’s sense of humor? I walked off and left the Ogham sticks I had labored over for an entire evening in my coat pocket (it’s been raining here the last few days). I almost aborted the whole shebang right there. So, instead, I figured if some of the great Druids of legend could make a set of Ogham divination sticks from scratch moments before they cast them, I could too. So, good thing I was carrying my pocket knife, I grabbed some twigs from the ground and started carving. Good thing the shapes are easy to remember, because I have no clue as to what they mean yet. One through Five on the left of a single vertical line, one through five slashes to the right, one through five crossing it perpendicular to the vertical line, and one through five that cross the vertex slanted. Easy enough, but it still took me a half hour.

So, now I’m ready. I’m trying desperately to ignore the lady who is walking around and around the jogging path nearby, giving me the harry eyeball and putting off “what are you DOING” vibes, and I’m pushing out “go away and leave me alone” vibes. I started the actual ritual.

It starts with a meditation. So I meditated for about 2 minutes on what I was planning to do, consciously shaking off the mundania of my life. The next part is to state aloud your intention. By doing this, it makes the ritual more real. It declares to everything and everyone what your
goal is this ritual. Mine was simply to introduce myself to some various gods of the Irish pantheon. Kind of a “Hi, howarya. I’m Daven and you will probably be seeing a lot of me over time. Just thought I would introduce myself to you so that you know who I am.”

So then I started. I called Mannuan to open the Veil between the worlds, and waited to feel something happen. There did seem to be a slight change in things, but that could have been the breeze blowing. I waited for a while, thanked Mannuan and began the calling of the Realms. Oh, I also opened the shell. Let me explain that a bit.

Part of the ODU ritual is to have a shell which you turn pink side up once the Veil has been opened, and place pink side down when that’s over with. The shell I have on my staff is two bi-valve shells that face each other, looking like it’s closed. I have chipped a hole in each near the hinge and threaded a jump ring through the holes so that they hang together as though they have a sea creature inside them. There is a braided brown thread that ties the jump ring to the staff. (I made this a while ago)

When I say I Opened the Shell, basically what I did was to open the pair of shells so that the pink side faced out, and rotate them around the thread and jump ring in such a way as to make them hang with their pink sides out. I left them that way for the whole ritual, and then reversed the process when I got done.

I walked to the blue torch. I spoke directly to it as though it were the physical representation of the Sea. I made up the invocation as I went along and lit the torch. It didn’t want to light, but finally I got it done. I then spiraled in on the second torch the one for the Land. I spoke to it as though it were the whole Land encompassed in one thing, and lit it. I was invoking things like their mental associtation, Land for consciousness, the sea for subconscious, their elementals, the time period, the general part of the body they govern (the emotions for the Sea, the here and now for the Land) the fertility aspects and so on. I moved to the last, the Sky and did the same thing.

I stood for a bit facing South in front of the Stang and the Lord and Lady torches, thinking about my Matron and Patron Deities. I then called Them, Herne first, and tried to light the left hand torch, it wouldn’t light. So I asked if that torch was the Lady, and tried to light it, and it lit right up. So, I thanked Rhiannon for coming and asked her if She would introduce me around, and then went and lit Herne’s torch, which still didn’t want to light. Stubborn old stag….

I spent about 10 minutes now contemplating my navel, talking to the Gods, listening to Them answer. The sun was behind the clouds and I asked Beli to come out and play. I talked to Arianhrod, the Morrigon, Lugh and Oghma. I didn’t hear much of a response, but I did get the feeling that I would be having an up-close and personal encounter with each of them soon. Probably while I sleep, that’s when I do the majority of learning and interacting with the Gods.

About this time RL intrudes, and I see a truck for the parks services coming near. I figure “Oh great, he’s here to throw me out.” Didn’t happen, he checked the trash cans, and left. So, I guess that solves that question.

I kind fo rushed through the ritual, and I was not really shifted much in my consciousness. I mean, I did feel things and sense things, but they weren’t earth shattering. They were the same presences I normally feel as I go throughout the day.

I put out the Torchs in the same order as I lit them, and finally asked Mannuan to close the veil, rotated the shells closed and cleaned up. I had some water and scattered the popcorn I had brought for the birds around and ate some myself. I grabbed everything and came home.

I think I was pretty distracted during this, and I’m sure that further rituals in the future will bring about what I’m looking for. I think it’s time to invest in some candles and paint the holders. Make this MUCH simpler.

Below is the interpertation of the divination I did. Basically I didn’t ask anything, I just let things fall where they may. The cool part is that I’m planning on moving to DC sometime soon, hopefully when a job out there gets offered to me, because my current place of employment has become routine.

The invocation of the realms part of this was really like calling the watchtowers, so that was not anything really novel, what was novel was the opening of the veil.

First rune: Ailm
Look at how you fit into relationships; a broad range of experience; new realizations about to make themselves known.
Breaking new ground, search, reaching fullest potential, the apex

Second Rune: Straif
Be prepared for transition; prepare for something about to end; sudden change; death.
Caution, transition, belief, fear

Third Rune: Nion
Inertia; boredom or lethargy needing to be broken; change of outlook needed; difficult time; extra effort needed.
Truth, knowledge and reflection of the inner self

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