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Feedback to “An Open Letter…”

Dear everyone that wrote me:

Well, I got all your responses and various comments, and I’m glad that my letter of frustration touched so many of you.

Let me share some of what I have gotten.

The responses have fallen into one of two classes:

  • Letters from people agreeing with me and my situation
  • Letters saying “The President isn’t responsible for YOUR life…. grow a spine” etc.

To the first class of people, I’m relieved to hear that I’m not an isolated case.  Judging by your emails, it seems that this country is moving into one of two groups, the haves and the have-nots.  It seems that the top 5% of people are getting richer and fatter, getting more and more things and their slice of the American Dream, and the other 95% are getting poorer and poorer.  As Ron Silver said in “Timecop”, “When I’m president, it will be like the ’80s again.  The top 5% will get richer and everyone else can emigrate to Mexico where they can live a better life.”

The problem with that is the it’s the 95% of us that is doing the work.  The rich fat cats are making their money selling us things, selling and selling and selling.  Like pharmaceutical companies who are making their fortunes selling us medication that we probably don’t need.  Oh, some of it we do need and I’ll be the first to admit it, but most of us don’t need to be on 80 prescriptions for the rest of our lives, at the cost of $50 a pop.  Insurance companies are making their money too, as are the gas companies, as are the housing companies and so on.  It’s those areas where we really have no choice about buying that the fat cats are making their money in.

If we leave, that entire consumer base goes with us.  They cease to make money from Americans at that point.  All those wonderful customers looking for alternatives to gasoline, insurance, suffering without the drugs that those companies say are critical to our survival.

The problem with this is that it will take approximately a decade or so for these companies to see the effects of what they are doing and change their practices, even if we all stopped buying tomorrow.  So, the only way I can see out of this is to vote for those who will make actual changes in the law these companies rely on to exploit us.  Mandatory minimum wages, no tax breaks, no NAFTA and penalties for sending jobs away from America.

It’s a sad state of affairs to see when the majority of Americans are living little better than their Russian counterparts.  It’s also terrible to see when most of the power is concentrated in only a few hands.  News Flash:  America is turning into an Oligarchy.  That is a government where the successors are chosen by those who are already in power.  It is looking like, more and more, that those that are currently in the government are using their influence to get specific people elected so that they can continue to remain in power.  That leads to situations like from 1984, the book, not the year.  A small exclusive group of people having all the privilege and controlling everything.

I see more and more that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is not working, and multiple things are being done to undermine it.  There is an amendment that says “right to petition the government in redress of grievances” which means that I have the right and duty to question my government and petition them to change the things that are wrong.  But more often than not these days questioning the government is being seen as supporting terrorists, and so now it’s bad to question the Government for anything.

For those who are telling me to grow a spine and to not blame the President for everything wrong in my life, tell me when I actually blamed him for my problems?  I never said that it was his responsibility, but he’s taking the credit for a strong economy and I’m telling him that it’s not strong, it’s barely alive.

As someone who has lived through strong economies and through recessions, I have seen that when the power structure starts harping on how strong the economy is, that’s usually when it’s at its weakest.  So President Bush has brought us from a 6% unemployment to a 5.8% unemployment.  That’s wonderful.  We HAD 2.9% unemployment when he took office. So we went from that 2.9% to 6% in a little under 3 years, a gain of 4% or more.  That translates to several million people out of work.  I’ll cheer President Bush’s strong economy when that unemployment number drops to 2.8%.  Until then, it’s Reganomics all over again.

Why is it that the Republicans don’t seem to see that giving lots of money to the rich doesn’t make a difference to the people at the bottom?  The rich having all the money is not going to make me wealthier, because the rich are misers and hang on to their money with tooth and nail.  That’s why all the taxes that are designed to make the rich pay more of their share are circumvented by all the loopholes written into it so that instead of Bill Gates paying 100 million dollars in taxes (from his 100 BILLION corporate income for the year) he pays nothing.  Yeah, nothing.  The tax shelters the rich can take advantage of are numerous and all encompassing, and most often it allows these people that are making 80% of the wealth to pay no taxes at all. Which leaves us to pay all the taxes so the supercorporation of the Government can continue to grind along.  So ultimately, I’m paying my share of the tax for the government, and Bill Gates’ share too.  Personally I think he should be paying my share, since I don’t owe that much each year.

Someone pointed out to me that my statement of $8000 coming out of my check before I see it is incorrect, since it doesn’t take into account sales taxes, gas taxes, environment taxes and many other taxes that are imposed by the Gov’t.  That’s true, I had never considered that.  But when the cost of a product is doubled to pay the taxes on it, that’s usury.  A $25 pan that is made for less than $2 that I’m buying with enough taxes on it to make it $20 before it ever gets to the store is usury.

But we are supposed to be grateful for a strong economy and a low unemployment rate.

Sounds like someone trying to sell a load of bullshit to me.  When the same statement is said 20 times in speeches and more and more people who have a vested interest in making us believe this are saying the same damned thing, when the facts belie that statement, then it’s a false statement and they are trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes through brainwashing.

That’s right all you Bush/Chaney supporting sheeple, you are being sold a load of horseshit and are being told it’s granola.  Go ahead and eat it up.

America is not a cult.  We don’t have to believe everything we are told, we don’t even have to believe the majority of it.  We only have to believe it when it’s true.  So stop saying that I’m the problem for whining.  I’m giving facts, not whining.

Yes, the letter was designed to be a piece to pull heartstrings.  It’s supposed to do that so that it gets SOME response.  So don’t sit there and sanctimoniously tell me that I’m the problem with America, I’m one of those people who fought back from abject poverty to where I am now, without the help of our “oh so benevolent government”.  My family and I were living on the street in our car not 6 years ago, and we fought our way out of it.  We went to the Government for help, multiple times.  Every time we did we were told that we didn’t qualify.  When would we, when we were dead?  In essence we were told that if my wife had two more kids, they would help us.  Good, that’s going to help.  I couldn’t afford to feed the three people looking to me at the time, and the solution was to have more children?  That would help.

And before it’s pointed out to me, yes, this was during the Clinton Administration.  I had just as many problems with his administration as I do with the Bush Autocracy, and for many of the same reasons.  But Clinton was worlds away better than Bush is.  He only lied about having sex.  No one died over that.  But here we are in a war that we didn’t want, for reasons that change every time the wind changes direction.  First it was about terrorism, then WMDs, then bad evil leaders abusing his people, that he had the capability to have WMDs, that he was harboring fugitives, and now it’s what?  What’s the story this week?  And if bad evil leaders that abuse his citizens is a reason to invade by a foreign army, we can be expected to be invaded by Canada any day now.

I would point out that the original reasons for the war, terrorism, have yet to be solved.  Hell, let’s go invade France since they didn’t support us invading Iraq, they are obviously supporting terrorists.  But let’s remain friends with Saudi Arabia at all costs, even though that’s the country of origin for Osama bin Laden and they actively support terrorists and abuse their own populace.  And would you like a slice of arrogance to go with that hypocrisy?

Now we are seeing legislation that proposes to reinstate the Draft.  Why?  We are not in a war.  Congress has not issued a Declaration of War yet to my knowledge.

It’s a good thing to have a body of civic minded people out there and I support service in the public sector for a period of time.  I did mine in the Military, and there are many countries that have similar programs of mandatory service for their young people.  It’s not that onerous.  But trying to force it into homeland security and into the military only is wrong.  That takes away choice and should not be done.

But by the Gods, let’s make sure that a fetus, a child not yet born, has rights separate from it’s mother, so that it’s a felony to have an abortion.  Let’s undermine freedom left and right.  Let’s make it impossible for a significant segment of the population to travel in airplanes, but let’s take away the funding from the Border Patrol who are now understaffed and overworked.  Let’s keep the border with Canada completely open so that anyone can cross over it and enter, without any problems.  Let’s create a cabinet position and turn everyone into spies against their neighbor, and force companies to write backdoors into their systems to the Government can invade anyone’s privacy.  Let’s look at what 5 year olds are checking out of the library since books are subversive.

Oh, yeah, my life is SO much better under Bush Co.  Thank God that Bush is here for us to hide behind.  And for good measure, let’s make sure that Bush gets praised for lying under oath about his service in the Military.  Hell, if Clinton can have an Impeachment trial for adultery, I figure that Bush should just be shot for all his crimes.  Oh, and to make matters better, let’s suspend election and let 453 people from all the different states choose the next President.  No, wait, let’s let 9 people in Washington do it for us.  No, let’s let one governor throw out several thousand ballots because he can, so that his BROTHER get appointed the next President. For all those of you who DIDN’T get it, that is sarcastic.

Bush was defeated in the last election.  He should not be in the Oval Office.

Yeah, I’m mad.  Mad as hell to find out that my vote really DOESN’T count as long as there are rich assholes who can buy the presidency, just like Kennedy did back in the day, and now like Bush did.  Forget all that he hasn’t done, let’s let him buy another election.

Hey, if he gives me $50,000 I’ll vote for him.  But I have to have the cash first.

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