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Extreme Claims

Every once in a while, when dealing with magicians, you will hear extraordinary claims.  While I’m not going to tell you that they are all real, I am going to suggest that you resist the urge to dismiss them completely and immediately. I’m also going to make some claims of my own here, and then I’m going to give you the story behind those claims. It is up to you whether to believe them or not.

I am DragonKin, related to the Dragon of Mount Fuji.  I am a Jedi Master, twice over.

These sound absolutely nuts when you take them out of context like this, but when you actually hear why I claim these things, you may understand how the extraordinary might be the absolute truth. I’m not making these claims to try to be special; these are just examples from my life to make the point of this article.

First thing:  I am DragonKin, related to the Dragon of Mount Fuji.

For some time, I have known about the dragons on the astral plane. I have been astral projecting for 15 years and have taught several courses in projecting to others.  During that time, I have run across many species of “fantasy creatures” that exist on the astral plane, and only on the astral plane.  One of those species is the dragon.

Dragons maintain a large and complex society, and they are very insular. I chanced upon one group who was willing to spend time and actually talk to me. See, like people, there are those dragons who are decent, helpful and kind, and those who are real bastards by our standards.  Many of the dragons think of humanity as lice or bacteria.  We are everywhere, and at times it seems they’d feel better if we were wiped out.  Honestly, I can’t say as I blame them much.

In that time of talking and relating with the dragons, I started studying with them.  I learned about the nature of magick, how it flows from us on the physical plane to the astral plane, and then loops back to the Earth. I learned how dragon magick actually works — not with rituals and with spell components like in Dungeons & Dragons, but through imposing the Will on the universe. As I learned, I grew, and finally I was able to start a formal study with one particular dragon.  She took me in and started really educating me.

Part of the education was looking inside myself and learning about me — my hopes, my fears, and more.  Some of the training consisted of digging deeply into my subconscious to find out what I’m like at the core, not at the conscious level.  In the process of this, I helped her with missions she had to protect and guard others.

This earned me the respect of her parents, her grandparents, and her extended family,  so much so that as a reward for an extraordinary service I rendered, the son of Fuji-sama, the Dragon of Mount Fuji, formally adopted me into his clan. At that point I became DragonKin, son of Fuji, the ruler of the Asian dragons.  This gave me status and protection, and allowed me access to many more resources than I would have had on my own.  But I really had to work for it, and it was an extraordinary ride.

My sleep was disturbed every night for about two years running, until certain people demanded that I slow down before I kill myself.  Now I get a night off every three nights, and I take shameless advantage of it.

I am a Jedi Master twice over.  This claim makes people really go, “What the fu*k is he smoking and can I have some?”  This is probably one of the most outrageous claims I could make, but it’s nothing but the truth.

I said that I have been astral projecting for about 15 years, remember?  In those projections and the subsequent investigations, I learned quite a lot about the Multiverse.  The television show Sliders and many other “alternate Earth” fantasies have it almost right, and I’m a big fan of that work.

To simplify: Every choice made spawns a new universe.  Every person who believes in a universe or story so hard that it can become real creates that universe in the Multiverse.  Authors do this all the time by believing their characters to life.  It’s a common phenomenon, and one that is part of our nature.  We create and destroy universes on whims sometimes.

So, there are created universes that are given energy and life by those who believe in them.  Ever go to a Star Wars convention and look around at the fans of the genre?  You should, it’s almost frightening.

I learned that the astral plane is the gateway to those other universes, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to back me up from others who do astral projection.

Some time ago, I brought my inner child to the front, gave him a name and worked with him in trying to heal myself of many past hurts.  He never re-merged with my psyche.  In fact, he hooked up with the inner child of my wife and the two became best friends.  But my inner child has always been one who was a knight in shining armor.  He protected the weak, defended those he promised to protect, and went and routed the evil beings that hurt people.

One day he was talking to my wife and wistfully said that he wanted to be a Jedi Knight.  He knew what they were and how they were trained.  He knew what he would have to do and how much he would have to give up.  My wife heard the hope that was at the core of his desire and took him to meet one of her characters who lived in the Star Wars Universe.

See, my wife and I are role-players.  We take the characters on the paper and make them real in the universes we play in.  We occasionally visit them when we sleep, and we game with them a lot.

So my wife took my inner child and turned him over to her character who was a Jedi Master, and thus his training began.  It was long and it was hard for him.  He gave up a lot.  He sacrificed his love for my wife’s inner child to be a Jedi.  But she did not give up on him.

She followed him.  She created out of her imagination a world with a good form of government and she set herself up as the princess of that world.  She then made her mommy and daddy as the rulers of that planet, and populated those roles with my wife and myself.  We started having a lot of dreams of taking care of that planet, and we did compare notes when we woke.  It kind of stunned us as to how consistent our mutual experiences were.

So this princess went to study to be a Jedi herself, saying that her entire family had the Force very strong in them.  She and my inner child grew up there together, trained together, and fell in love again.  It was pretty romantic.

Events unfolded a lot like laid out in the Star Wars books, even though I was unaware of the books at that time. I would hear about some event that happened there, and then I would read a book set in the Star Wars universe and it would be in the book.  These kinds of events happened with such regularity that I was shocked.

Time continued on, and eventually my wife’s inner child decided that her parents on the planet retired and let the rule pass to another elected ruler.  We were grateful, because there are only so many dreams of opulence that you can take before getting really jaded.

This left the Emperor and Empress as former rulers with high Force sensitivity, so they went to be trained as Jedi as well.  I even know what my lightsaber looks and feels like, and there are times I feel naked without it.  So with time and the adventures that I had in my dreams again, I eventually became a Jedi Master, along with my inner child.

Thus, I am a Master twice over.

This brings me to the point of the article.  You can’t make snap judgments about people who work with esoteric forces, as we do as magicians.  The claims are extraordinary, but so too are the people.

So what is someone to do when a fellow practitioner starts claiming extraordinary things that can’t be readily proven?  I’m glad you asked that.

The first thing is to take any claim with a grain of salt.  Just because you know this person, don’t automatically assume that he or she is telling the truth.  Do keep your sense of skepticism well honed, but don’t let that same jadedness blind you to a true claim, even if you can’t prove it.

Extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence, but I can’t produce a lightsaber to prove my claim. I can tell you about things I have done and I can have those backed up by my wife and both of our inner children.  The senses of your own person can tell when I have moved aside to channel my inner child and the same for my wife.  All you have to do is to open up and listen a bit.

Now, that’s not going to convince a skeptic like The Great Randi and his group of magick-busters.  As much as I would love to have the money they offer, I can’t produce anything they would take as evidence.

So, stay skeptical, but be aware that there are things you don’t know.  Trust your allies and deities, your teachers and guides, and the evidence of your own senses, both the five physical senses and the ten or so metaphysical senses.  One of the greatest assets you have is the “gut feeling” or the “still small voice” that you can hear to guide you truly.

Using your own judgment is the key to so much, from the esoteric spells to the beliefs of others.  It is very easy to dismiss everyone’s claims, but then when your own claims come under the scrutiny of others, what faith will you receive, since you have no more evidence than they had when they asked you to believe them?

If all else fails, try this: If they are not harming you with their delusions, then what harm does it do to let them have their beliefs?  Most sane magicians won’t go around claiming that they can make apples float in their hands, and they won’t try to drag you into a fantasy realm made up of leprechauns living in the garden.  They will most likely keep strange ideas from others because they don’t want ridicule.  The more someone tries to push their reality onto others, the more likely they are to have ulterior motives for their fantasies.

No, not every windmill is a giant, but if a giant were to be on the Earth, it might disguise itself as a windmill.  You would have to decide for yourself if that is something you wanted to believe in.  But, after all, they might be giants.

And if they are, wouldn’t you want someone who could see them truly?

Keep the skepticism, but don’t let it blind you to the possibility of the extreme being true.

2 Responses to “Extreme Claims”

  1. Peter says:

    Daven, the articles you write about the astral plane amaze me every time I read them but there are a few questions i’m surprised no one has made a comment about it before it. When you were in the star wars universe did you ever get to hold a light saber and if so how did it feel like, could you cut through things and all that. Was there any beings you got to use it on. Were the being in the books and movies in that world and were they like they were in the books and movies? Did those people have religions of their own? I know in the movies they only talk about their galaxy they live in was there a whole universe filled with trillions of galaxies or just their one? Die they know you came from a different universe? Did the dragons you meet look like the myths of dragons? And did they have a set of gods or God they worshiped? Reading posts like these bring back the kid in me kinda like how you describe in your posts.

    • Daven says:

      Understand this, the Astral does not take the place of the here and now. There’s a lot that you have to pay attention to here just so that you can keep your life in order and not lose what you have.

      But to answer your questions: 1. Yes It was a cylinder that felt like a pipe, and was hard to move when it was on. There have been many I have had to use it on. They were like described in the books and movies. Just because they are described there does not mean that experiencing them directly is going to be different. They main characters looked similar to the actors, but not identical. I’m sure they did, but it was never anything I discussed with them. They were dealing with their own galaxy mostly. One or two did, and I didn’t discuss it with them that much. Dragons look like what they want to look like, it changes depending on the dragon in question. They have their own beliefs and I haven’t talked to them about it much.

      I’ve talked to many people, and when I say “people” I mean any thinking being, and one thing that is consistent is courtesy and privacy. They will tell me what they want, only what they want and that’s all. I try really hard not to press them.

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