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Okay, I have to explain something to you who are reading this:

Last post I say “Always and Forever” as the last words.

It’s our special vow.

Back when I first met Mary, we had met at a Sci-Fi convention and had gamed. Later when I remet her (and I count that one as the REAL meeting) through her daughter, we spent a night of bliss.

Well, if you count talking and doing the soul-dumping for three or four hours, then passing out from exhaustion while an idiot who promised to show up 6 hours previous FINALLY showed up at midnight to game and staying up till four in the morning then doing some heavy spiritual stuff and soulbonding as bliss.

Found out that first night that we had been together for several cycles of the Wheel. Despite everything, somehow we managed to find each other across continents and be together. That night we found out why.

We had been together in 850CE Scotland, husband and wife, farmers and sheep herders and chandlers. Christian, but with granny folk knowledge. We synergized.

My name in that time was Daven McDavid, hers was Theresa. Yes, that is where we got our magickal names. They started this cycle.

They were lovers and beloved. But she had a brother who should have been drowned at birth. He was the younger of the children, so everything would go to her when the parents died. Her brother couldn’t stand this, but when she got pregnant after 5 years of trying, he took action.

He accused her of witchcraft. Since she had acted as midwife and healer for many in the village, she was convicted quickly and burned at the stake.

Daven was destroyed. He didn’t know she was pregnant, but she kept ordering him to not join her since one of them had to live. He wanted to be with her, but it was no good. She died, he lived. He lived a half-existance for the rest of his life. He lived another 40 years (this happened around the mid 20’s). He did nothing with his life.

Their promise to each other was “Always and Forever”. I don’t know if they knew what they were doing by promising that, but the effect is that it bound the two souls together in a way that is almost impossible to separate.

We have done some investigation, and since then we have been in each other’s lives consistantly. I don’t think there is a single lifetime after that point where we are not both there. And indications point to us being there for each other for some time to come.

On that fateful night (which I remember like it was yesterday), Theresa showed up and demanded that I take off my mask, reconfirmed her vow and (since I was caught up in the moment and didn’t know much better), I reconfirmed it too. Bliss….

And the night I proposed to Mary, oh, that was one for the recordbooks. I couldn’t get enough of her.

We have scribed in our wedding rings… I have “Always” and she has “and Forever”. We did this independently of each other. On a lark I had “and Forever” engraved in her ring, and it turned out that she had had “Always” engraved on mine.

Indications that two minds were thinking as one, two hearts beating as one, two souls joining again after a long time of division and incompletness.

So that’s the story. Sorry it’s so long.

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