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Even more done

Well, things have been coming along very well with this new facelift.  I’m going to add some stuff that I posted to my LiveJournal and my Dreamwidth journal about this very topic:

Things that are done:

  1. The structure is set up and I like it. Got most of the theme from the original site pulled over and looking nice on the WP framework. I have set it up now so that instead of being static and set width, it will adjust with you up to 1600 px screen resolution.
  2. As part of that, the top graphic under the “Daven’s Journal” graphic is now set to flow with the page as you scroll up and down. The graphic seams between the top background and the next one down, on the page, is as seamless as I can get it.
  3. All the page elements are fixed now, so they WILL scroll off the page as you move up and down. No, no more frame sets now. Welcome to Web 2.0 Daven, glad you could join us. Let’s forget that you are coming a little late to the party and celebrate the fact that you showed up at all. (name that quote, first one gets a free @erinsjournal remailer.)
  4. I have about 100 pages imported over and ALL the blog posts in the new site. This is the big one, and it’s what is going to take the longest. Last count had me at 500+ pages to import. I could get a plugin to do it automatically, but there’s some tweaking that I have to do manually to get it assigned to the right author and so on.
  5. Speaking of which, I have Wren and Irreverand Hugh and Mary assigned as authors, and one category for “other authors” which I hand assign to the articles that I didn’t write. Makes it a bit more obvious that I didn’t write all the material on my site.
  6. I figured out how to get one article indexed to multiple indexes so that if one article relates to my BOS, Beginning Wicca, Witches and so on, it will show up under each of those. I used the Categories to do it, re-wrote all the default search pages to not only ignore the “ten post per page” rule that is in effect in the rest of the blog, but to only show the link to the page/post in an unordered list and then sort them in descending order of date, oldest at the top and going down, as it was on the Journal.
  7. I got a plugin that assigned icons to the various categories and that links to the page that the category pulls and searches on. So that’s cool.
  8. I have a login/logout that uses OpenID too, and it will display Gravatars and let you put your own stuff on your profile page. Cool.
  9. Got a good plugin that does the page counts too. It will track one hit per day, refresh when the page is reloaded, and will do load counts on individual pages/posts too.
  10. Created a whole new widgetized area where I put a widget that tracks the new posts/pages just like I had on the old Journal. Kick ass. That took me a day all on its lonesome.
  11. get icons and other graphics appropriate to the blog/pages setup, like the athame graphic at the bottom of the page for the navigation links.

Goals to be made later on this:

  1. transfer more articles over. Done
  2. find buttons that I can support to go with the Girl Genius button in the sidebar.
  3. get my links page imported and moved over to the Blogroll list Done
  4. get a widget to pull random blogroll links and display them Done
  5. set up protected pages for the “secret” things for very private pages for Rhiannon and descendants. Done
  6. Reviews. ’nuff said Done, thank Gods
  7. recheck ALL the links to make sure of internal consistency and make sure that they keep linking to the pages that they mean Done
  8. recheck all the external links
  9. then change ALL the links again when the old site is deleted and the new framework and such over from the /Updating/ to the root folder. Done with a script
  10. go to cli.gs to make sure they all point to the correct place. Done with a script
  11. write the blurbs for the index pages I have left to do, only about 5 of them.
  12. tweak the layout of some of the things to share/print these articles so that they look nice Done
  13. Find a widget for the holidays and put it under the moon phase done

So, that’s a lot done. But I also just spent some time importing the articles I had published on “The Juggler”. They are all very old, but I think I made a few points in there that needs to be kept around for others to read at some time in the future.

They are the first set of articles on the “My Articles” page. They are also in the stream of Twitter thoughts.  I know this because a bunch of people came here to look at them as soon as I got them up.

At this point I’m about half way done.  I have most of the configuration things done, I have to go and finish importing the articles, and the next big directory is the “Reviews” section.  That’s going to take a few days because I’m also doing a review plug-in that will help automate some of this.

Anyhow, that’s the news from here.  Goodnight all!

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