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Well, it’s been a bit for me to rant, so here we go.

I read an article by Jason Pitzl-Waters and about lost it.

I’ll let you go and read the linked article.

It’s bad enough when these people come to my door and harangue me while I’m showering, it’s bad enough that they don’t take “no” for an answer, but this is reprehensible. It’s another symptom of evangelical fundamentalism running rampant.

Let me relate a story to you. Once upon a time I had my daughter in daycare. Both my wife and I were working, so it was a program run for those of lower income to leave their children in some safety while they were at work without destroying their ability to feed themselves. Just for comparison, we paid $40 a week for her to go to this. Yeah, incredible isn’t it?

During the summer time, one day a week and other group would come in and share/teach/preach to the kids. It was allowable since this was NOT a school function. We didn’t like it too much, but there wasn’t much we could do except pull her out of this program. So we talked to the administrator and advised her that we were NOT Christian and that we did NOT appreciate our daughter being preached at every Tuesday. (Odd that Tyr, the guy this day was named for, didn’t justice all over them….)

So Rhiannon got to sit out the activities and play on the computer all day while the rest of the kids got “God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph” with their OJ, cookies and Milk. You could always tell when they had been because the chalk art outside would be things like “Jesus Saves!” and crucifixes and “I’m going to heaven!” These kids were about 6 to 8 or so. NO resistance to this indoctrination. I always wanted to add “… by shopping wisely and using coupons!” to the Jesus Saves artwork.

But there was my daughter, off on her own. And the kids knew what was up.

Well, when one other boy joined her, also a Wiccan, then these godiots (God + idiots or God + zealots) decided to do something. They started a whisper campaign against Rhiannon and this other boy.

Things like “look at them, they are going to HELL. They don’t love Jesus. ” and so on.

Talk about going ballistic on these idiots. Since they were conveniently absent when we picked up our daughter (who was in tears), we went off on the administrator. We told her in no uncertain terms that if this happened again, we would pull Rhiannon and sue the program and these fucktards who performed this mental torture upon a 7 year old.

I still remember that. It’s not funny.

But these people do this all the time. Peer Pressure works, and they use it. It’s times like this that I want to get a shotgun and start hunting.

I can’t do anything about this now, but I can and do take their fliers and rip them up in front of their faces, while removing the fliers they left on other’s doors.

They tried again with my daughter when they caught her at the door while Mary was in the shower and I was asleep. Rhiannon was the epitome of courtesy. She took their literature, refused to pray with them, and firmly shut the door in their face. It didn’t help that it was an invitation to the Easter Egg Hunt at that Church that Rhiannon really would have liked to go to. We discussed this with her and decided to go to a Hunt at one of the major parks in the area, making sure it was a secular one first. Interesting thing was that she voluntarily decided not to go. We made sure to celebrate Ostara when it came up.

But this should never happen.

I would suggest that parents who have children subjected to this start calling the cops on these people, suing them for mental anguish, for whatever they can, and maybe this will stop. Not promising that it will, but it may.

Just because we are Pagan or Wiccan or Druids or whatever does not mean that we must tolerate this kind of torture and heavy handed salesmanship. We would prosecute someone who called us despite the “No Call List”, so why can’t there be something like that for these godiots?

Originally posted 2013-03-23 11:25:50. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

One Response to “Evangelism”

  1. ha I hope you feel better now that you’ve got that off your chest. That was quite a rant. I am a Christian, but even I think it’s a little innappropriate to be teaching childred Christianity without the parents’ permission. Sorry about that. Some religious people do go a little…or a lot…overboard with their wanting to share their beliefs that they cross some lines.

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