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Erecting the Temple

[There should be drink in the Goblet. The Priest lights the Altar Candle and Incense. Priestess takes the Altar Candle and moves clockwise (deosil) around the circle lighting the Circle candles from the Altar Candle. She then replaces the Altar Candle on the Altar.]

Priest or Thegn: The temple is about to be erected. Let all within this Temple be here of their own free will and accord, in Peace and Love.

[Priestess takes her Seax (athame) and holds it with its point in the Salt.]

Priestess: Salt is Life. Let this salt be pure and let it purify our lives, as we use it in these Rites, dedicated to Herne and Rhiannon.

[Priestess uses her Seax to lift three portions of Salt and drop it into the Water. She stirs the Salted Water with the Seax.]

Priestess: Let the Sacred Salt drive out any impurities in this Water that together they may be used in the service of the Lord and Lady; throughout these Rites and at any time and in any way we may use them.

[Priestess replaces her Seax in the sheath, then taking the Salted Water moves clockwise (deosil) around the Circle sprinkling it along the marked boundary. Replacing the Water on the Altar, she takes up the Censer and moves it around the Circle. She then replaces it on the Altar. The Priest should then take up the Sword and move deosil around the Circle re-enclosing the Temple. He then replaces the Sword on the Altar.

The Priest then calls the names of all Male Witches, one at a time. When called, they move to stand in front of the Priestess. Taking the Salted Water, she then draws a pentagram on the Witch’s chest (or forehead if robed). Witch and Priestess kiss and embrace. When all males have been consecrated, the Priestess calls the female Witches, one by one. Priest consecrates them in the same manner.]

Priest: Let us now invite the Gods to witness these Rites we hold in Their honor.

[Priestess takes up the Sword and holds it high. Holding their Seaxes high, all face the center of the Circle.]

Priestess: Woden and Freya, God and Goddess, Father and Mother of all Life. Here do we invite you to join with us in our rites. Guard us and guide us within this Circle and without it; in all things. So be it!

All: So be it!

[All kiss the blade of their Seax; Priestess kisses the blade of the Sword and replaces it on the Altar. Others sheath their Seax. Priest and Priestess take up the Goblet and spills some wine on the ground or into the libation dish.]

Priest and Priestess: Woden and Freya!

[Priest and Priestess take a drink and replace the Goblet on the Altar.]

Priest or Thegn: Now the Temple is erected. Let none leave it, but with good reason.

All: So be it!

This ceremony should be performed before all rituals. It encloses and wards the are you are to be working in. After the Temple is erected, the rest of the ritual may proceed.

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.


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