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Although not as universally recommended as the nine essential books, these "most highly recommended" books all come with the endorsement of several prominent Druid web pages on the net. Certainly, anyone serious about the revival of Celtic Paganism will want to own and read each of the eighteen books listed here. Links will take you to when possible, or another bookseller (such as Barnes and Noble or Unfortunately, several of these fine books are out of print. When this is the case, your best bet is to conduct a used book search.

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The Most Highly Recommended Books (Alphabetical by Author):

Gods of the CeltsCaesar, Julius, The Conquest of Gaul (Penguin Books, ISBN 0140444335)

Chadwick, Nora, The Celts (Penguin Books, ISBN 0140250743)

Cross, Tom and Slover, Clark, Ancient Irish Tales (Barnes & Noble, ISBN 1566198895)

Cunliffe, Barry, The Celtic World (St. Martin's Press, ISBN 031209700X)

In Search of the Indo-EuropeansEvans-Wentz, W. Y. The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries (Univerity Books, ISBN 0806511605)

Green, Miranda, The World of the Druids (Thames & Hudson, ISBN 050005083X)

Green, Miranda, The Gods of the Celts (Sutton Publishing, ISBN: 0750915811)

Lincoln, Bruce, Death War and Sacrifice (University of Chicago Press, ISBN 0226482006)

Encyclopedia of Celtic WisdomLittleton, C. Scott, The New Comparative Mythology (University of California Press, ISBN 0520041038)

MacCana, Proinsias, Celtic Mythology (Hamlyn Publishing Group, ISBN 0600006476)

Mallory, J. P., In Search of the Indo-Europeans (Thames and Hudson, ISBN 0500276161)

Matthews, John and Caitlin, Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom (Element Books, ISBN 1852307862)

Pennick, Nigel and Jones, Prudence, History of Pagan Europe (Routledge, ISBN 0415158044)

Celtic Myths and LegendsPiggott, Stuart, The Druids (Thames and Hudson, ISBN 0500273634)

Ross, Anne, The Pagan Celts (John Jones Publishing, ISBN 1871083613)

Ross, Anne and Robbins, Don, Life and Death of a Druid Prince (Touchstone, ISBN 0712625119)

Squire, Charles, Celtic Myth and Legend (Grammercy, ISBN 0517101572)

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