Celtic Heritage by Alwyn and Brinley Rees

Welcome to the Internet's most user-friendly bibliography of Druidic and Celtic Pagan books. Follow these links to learn about the best-known and most widely-read books on the Druid revival.

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About Druidbooks...

The Internet features many fine websites devoted to Druidry and Celtic Neopaganism. ADF, OBOD, Isaac Bonewits, and the Druidism Guide are just a few of the wonderful sites available. Almost all of these sites have a list of recommended readings. Some lists (like Keltria's) are very short and succinct; others (like Ord na Darach Gile's) are extensive. Some books appear on virtually all the lists; others only appear once or twice. So... how can a neophyte Druid wade through all of these bibliographies, to determine which books he or she should read, and in what order?

The answer is Druidbooks. On two cyber-soaked weekends in September 1999, Taliesin (Senior Druid of Peachtree Grove, ADF in Atlanta) collated nine of the best Druid reading lists on the net, added his own opinions, and developed this website. By dividing books into the five categories listed above, Druidbooks provides a clear, easy-to-use guide to the books you need to have, the books you may like to have, and the books worth getting around to sooner or later. Fully 135 books are represented on this list -- enough to keep even the most brilliant Druid busy for months.

How was the list compiled? Taliesin collated the recommended reading lists of nine websites, and added his own recommendations. Then he simply ranked the books in order of how many recommendations they received. The winner, with nine votes, is Alwyn and Brinley Rees' Celtic Heritage. Close to five hundred books were represented on all the lists, but for the sake of simplicity, only the top third (roughly) are presented here, with the following breakdown:

The top nine books are the Essentials; the next eighteen are the Most Highly Recommended; the next thirty-six are the Highly Recommended; and the entire list of 135 books comprise the Complete Recommended Titles List. To round it off will be a list of books for beginners, drawn from the entire list, again based on recommendations found at the various websites consulted. (Beginners List still 'under construction.')

Why isn't The Twenty-One Lessons of Merlyn in this bibliography?

DISCLAIMER: this book list does not have the endorsement of any Druidic organization (not even Peachtree Grove). It is simply the warped brainchild of Taliesin. These books are considered "recommended" and so forth because of their frequency of appearance on different Druid or Celtic-related booklists online. The reader should be advised that the sponsors of these different bibliographies are, like most Pagans, highly opinionated and often deeply critical of one another. The links provided below are simply to guide the interested websurfer to the original lists used as the raw data for compiling Druidbooks. None of the parties linked below have any responsibility for, or involvement in, the Druidbooks list. For that matter, the fact that Taliesin used these book lists is not to imply any endorsement of the website from which they come, or the sponsoring organization or individual.

Here are the original booklists used to compile this list:

ADF Suggested Reading List
Isaac Bonewits' Recommended Books on Druidism and Indo-European Paleopaganism
Clannada na Gadelica Reading List
Druidism Guide's Readings on Druidism
Imbas Reading List
Keltria Reading List
OBOD Complete Book List
Ord na Darach Gile's Celtic/Druidic Bibliography
Rampant Lion's Recommended Reading List
and finally: Taliesin himself, serving as tie-breaker and unofficial "tenth list."

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