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Well, I just finished another landmark in my studies. I guess it’s a landmark, but I feel like I got a hurdle cleared.

See, one of the things that one does to graduate from the Abhar level of Birch grade is to write a report on a specific god or goddess, which is assigned to you by your mentor. Just my luck to get “CROM CROICH “, a god from the Nemedians which is prior to the Tuatha de’ Dannan in the Book of Invasions.

One may wonder how I found information on this obscure deity? Google [1] is the resource I used along with some online encyclopedias. The best reference I found was The Bloody Bent One [2] by using that search. I just turned it into DarkOwl, and I hope it’s liked.

I must say that it’s been an interesting 2 weeks. Most of this information I knew, and I don’t understand how someone who thinks and who studies can fail to understand it. But we will have to see how I feel when I go to take the quiz on the material covered in this time. Should be interesting.