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Took my test, failed it. < sigh > Man….

Actually it’s not that bad. Most of what I messed up on was the names of the holidays (they are different from normal NeoPagan holidays even though they are on the same date) and some stuff with the Irish mythology. Most of it I don’t understand, but I’m gaining an understanding of it.

For instance, there are three different “cycles” to the mythology, the “Mythological cycle” talking about the stuff in the “Book of Invasions”, Lugh, the Tuatha de’ Dannan, the Firbolg, the Fomorians and so on. The next cycle is the “Ulster Cycle” in which you have stories like the whole story of CuChulainn and other stories about actual heros. Finally there is the Historical Cycle which is the modern history of Ireland as far as can be told.

Most of what I’m studying is the Mythological cycle, and it’s kinda hard. At least for me. I wish there was a myth retellign as good as Evangeline Walton’s retelling of the Mabinogion. I may understand things better.

The rest is simple memorization, like the Cathesism I have to memorize, which is full of Irish pronunciations, and it’s hard if you are not a speeker or can’t hear it pronounced. So, I muddle along. LOL