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Delays all over the place…

Sorry I have not been posting things here like I should, but I have been really busy with the mundane side of life.

See, work just went from Outlook to Lotus Notes. Stop groaning, I didn’t want them to do this, but it was not my decision, and logic played no part in this. It sucks but I can’t help it.

Anyhow, with the Birch 2 Manual (Birch is the “Student Grade” in the ODU, and there are three levels, Abhar, which I just graduated from, Driseg, which I am in now, and Fochlac which is the final level in this grade. Birch 2 is the student mid-level, or Driseg.) and finding the myths I have to study, I have been busy for now.

So, things are interesting, and I’m going to be busy for a while. Sorry about that.

I’m also writing some articles. One on a New Definition of a Bard, which once published will be posted here, and one for “the use of names” in magick. Probably use that one for the High magick class. Don’t know yet though. Plus I still have to write lesson 14 for them, the unit on Ritual.

Anyhow, just a quick heads-up for you all.

And if you have not seen this, please go read this article: How to Keep Your Coven From Being Destroyed [1] It’s really good.