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Definition of Wiccan/Pagan and so on…

Message: At one of the Lurker’s request,
Author: Teacher – Daven Iceni
Date: May 11, 2000 21:40

I have a relatively short post to put up here.

She asked for a definition of Wicca and Paganism.  Because of that, I decided to post the answers to that here, where all can see it.

Wicca Commonly called “witchcraft”.  This is the New Pagan Movement started by Gerald Gardner.  Most people will be familiar with the term “Witch” in describing us, but many are going to general use of the term “Wiccan” to mean the Craft, or the Craft of the Wise.

Wicca has been inaccurately translated into every language in the European area to mean “Wise one” meaning that the “origins” of the word, such as they are, have been traced to Anglo-Saxon, French, German, Celtic, Irish, Norwegian (how did THAT get in there?) and Spanish.  The word Wicca or “wicce” has it’s roots in NONE of these languages.  In fact, reputable linguists have no idea where this word came from.

Pagan Term used to describe “country dwellers” in Old English.  Since they were usually those who clung to the old beliefs, despite the conversion to Christianity of the local Lord or King, this came to refer to those who were not Christian.  It still has this connotation today.

Following a chain of logic here, Pagan describes everyone who is not Christian, therefore, Wiccans are Pagan.  But not all Pagans are Wiccan.  Jewish people are considered Pagan by this definition, as are Hindus, Shintos, Buddhists, Poohists, Muslims, Native Americans, Druids, and every non-Christian religion you care to name.  In some cases, even quasi-Christian groups are considered Pagan, such as the Vooduns, Sanitarians, and the Brujos of Mexico are considered to be Pagans.

Pagan is a somewhat derogatory term, but it describes, in brief, what a Wiccan is.  I am Wiccan and also Pagan.  Personally, I still follow many of the tenets of the Sub-Pagan group known as Wicca, but I am also learning more about Paganism in general.  There are many ways out there, and very few of them are bad or wrong.  There is one, that I consider to be Christian, that I would not have anything to do with if they gave me Ten Million dollars (and those of you in the know, know that I REALLY need the money).  That is the Satanists.

In brief, Satanism is a schism of Christianity.  Although, this is my opinion and not many would agree with me.  It venerates a Christian Deity (Satan) and self-gratification, rather than service and self-sacrifice.

Pagans are not Satanists.  Wiccans are not Satanists.  How can we be Satanists, when Wiccans do not even acknowledge that Satan exists?  How can you worship something that is not real or that you don’t believe in?

Many of our Gods, and a few Goddesses, look like the traditional “Satan” from the biblical descriptions, or they have dominion over areas of life that are close to what Satan is reputed to have control over.  But to call us all Satanists because of that is to say that all things in the sea are fish and that all fish are cod.  It is oversimplification and “lumping together” beyond belief.

Yes, we have Gods that are the Lords of Death, but Death is part of Life.  Nothing wrong with that.  Yes, we have Gods and Goddesses who are supposed to punish those who have been bad here, but EVERY culture has something like that.  It is the Rewards and Consequences again.

But they are not Satan, and never will be.

Those who worship Satan (and there are those out there) may be sincere, but their cause of Self-aggrandizement is not my cause.  I will avoid them because I am more about helping others, rather than helping myself at another’s expense.  I cannot tolerate their philosophy nor their methods.  As such, I will oppose Satanists with all that I am.  I always will.

And I am not the only Druid or Pagan to feel this way.  Isaac Bonewits, the founder of the ADF, and the only person to have a Doctorate in Metaphysics in the world, says something similar on his website.  This is his site.  I highly advise everyone to take a look around his site.  He is a wise person with a good heart.  Click her for his wonderful essay on “Enemies of our Enemies”. A great article on why welcoming Satanists into the Pagan fold is not a good idea. Here is a good expose of Satanism from the inside also by Bonewits.

I hope you all will think on all of this.

LOL  I guess it wasn’t such a short post after all…  Sorry.

Stars light your path.

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2 Responses to “Definition of Wiccan/Pagan and so on…”

  1. gothika says:

    This Post is the reason why I subscribed to your site.

    As you wrote,

    Many of our Gods, and a few Goddesses, look like the traditional “Satan” from the biblical descriptions, or they have dominion over areas of life that are close to what Satan is reputed to have control over. But to call us all Satanists because of that is to say that all things in the sea are fish and that all fish are cod. It is oversimplification and “lumping together” beyond belief.

    The thing is I always felt I had some gift in fact I see Spirits and Angels feel them and even ask them for help and they answer or in sleep life or in wake life the fact I am a Goth I basicly always wore skulls black clothes and make up. The VERY CHRISTIAN Teacher that found an opportunity to call me a satanist. She told me because you like those things like Horror movies and like to wear black I think even your room is painted black with skulls and you young people listen to ROCK and satan songs maybe because you are a satanist you are not a GOOD Christian that makes you feel angry and sad as she associated black with sad and depressed suicidle even. She was a very very bad person (as I can’t write the words that came in my mind now) in saying that to me when I was just 16years in front of a class of 4 I was stupid and shy at that age if it wore now I would have a great deal to tell her and report her for favouring other students and not letting me participate in the lessons {shortly after I did not go anymore as I was very weak and shy. Recently after 12 years I saw a chance I saw her at a pasta night in aid of the church and orphans (not my scene as I know what christians DO they are not what they seem but I like to help young kids) I was with my friend and the serving was 8Euro for a ticket for 1 plate per person or you pay more we where going to get our turn and she cut in the que I had seen her devour a huge plate already she winked to the{note I do not use caps as I do not believe they are any better than us} sister and the priest gave her another ticket and told me sorry I did not take my share she did not recognize me I said go right threw I had already told my friend who she was and she passed running almost falling on her face in front of me and my friend looked at her and said, {oh yes you did not eat?}she had saliva gurgling from her mouth like a starving hyena!Than I shot at her,{glutiny is her sin she will be banished in hell{as she believes in it}{I believe hell is if you make it and hell is here among the living }with a bottomless skip full of maccarony with cheese}She did not hear me her eyes where on the food that she not only lied for but did not admit she ate plus we really did not eat and she took our place in line.To top it all she came again to take more grated cheese! This is her way of life accusing under age people with atricities and gobbiling anything she finds!To use her own words maybe she is a Glutiny Demon!

  2. Allytria says:

    I looked at your links. There were many pera’as of ancient Egypt that at least respected Set. He wasn’t demonized for a very long time until the Osiris temple wanted more power. There was even Seti, which means “Of Set”…So I am not sure where Bonewits gets his information. This is all information provided by reputable Egyptologists like Dr. Rosalie David. Not all Satanists are hateful. I’ve met some who are far more respectful than many “Pagans” I know. As a side note, I am a Sumerian Reconstructionist, though I will grant that I do not believe that the Gods live in statues, and I only currently know 14 Sumerian signs. But, I am trying.

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