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Dedication of A Sword

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Materials Needed:

  • Sword (doesn’t matter if sword is just for decor)
  • candles (1 for each element +1 black candle)
  • incense (preferably a dark colored incense any flavor)
  • strip of leather (length of sword)
  • bowl full of water (cauldron works)

Begin by cleansing your materials. Give any opening offerings to the Gods of your choice (preferably war Gods). Plot the land where you will work (mandatory outdoor ritual). Light the black candle and keep it burning throughout the ritual. Cast a circle using the sword by drawing the circle around you. Put sword in center of circle. Light the candle that represents Water and say:

In the element of Water I bless this sword to my name  (your name here) .

Stretch out the leather and lay it across the sword. Let a few drops of the candle wax drop on the leather. Extinguish the candle. Light the candle for Earth and say:

In the name of the God (God’s name here) I bless this sword of the Earth.

Let some wax drip on the leather. Extinguish the candle. Light the candle for Air and the incense and say:

In the name of the Goddess (Goddess’s name here) I bless this of Air.

Let some wax drip on the leather. Extinguish candle. Light the candle for Fire. Pick up the sword wave it above the Fire of the candle and say:

I dedicate this sword in the name of the following Gods (their names here).

I dedicate it to my self for (whatever reason here) and prey that thy bidding will be mine.

Let the wax drip on the sword. Tie the leather to where the wax is on the sword and say:

As I am without, I also am within. Bind this sword to me and my kin. I ask thee gods for Their greatness. So Mote It Be!

Leave the sword in the circle until the next full moon (optional) and then come back at the full moon and say:

I trust ye to be blessed. I pick you up. Now and forever ye be mine.

Say closing prayers and close the circle.

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