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Daven’s Meditation

This is the meditation I most often use to get into a state of trance.  There are elements here common to most meditations and guided meditations.  I explored this concept in part in a class I teach on Astral Projection.  Here are the common themes that most meditations and guided meditations have in them:

  1. Suggestions to relax
  2. The feeling of a safe environment around you
  3. Lack of distractions from the world
  4. A sense of comfort and love
  5. Pictures and visualizations of a scene that is pleasant for you
  6. A descent of some kind.

You may see these themes as you read through the meditation.

Horizontal Line

Sit or lay down and become comfortable.  Relax your body completely and start thinking about these scenes.

Find yourself in a wooded area.  The sun is warm on your back and head, and the breeze is cool on your face.  There is just enough of a breeze to disturb your hair, but not enough to make you uncomfortable.

There is a path under your feet.  It leads to a distant place, and you know that at the end of this path, you will find many wondrous things to do and to experience.

As you walk along the path, you hear the birds singing in the distance and hear the crunch of the leaves as you step on them.  You smell the scents of the woods around you, and hear the running water of a nearby stream.

Relax your toes.  Let the toes become heavy and unresponsive.  Feel the light of the Sun entering into the toes on each foot, warming them and making them distant.  Know that as the light of the Sun enters your body, that it will warm and protect you from anything outside of you, keeping you safe for the time you are here.

Feel the warmth of the Sun move up your feet and into the ankles.  These portions of your body are completely relaxed and kind of numb.  There is a distance between you and your feet at this moment.  They are safe and function fully and completely, with no problems.  Anything that is wrong with your body will be corrected once the light of the Sun reaches them and you are relaxed.

Move the sunlight up your legs now, into your knees.  The glow is warm and kind, not harsh or too hot.  The breeze is blowing and you are cooling off even as the sunlight makes you warm.

The light is now in your thighs and your groin area.  From the waist down, there is a warmth and a wellness that is hard to describe.  Everything in your lower regions works perfectly and completely, with no problems or imperfections.  The lower half of your body is safe and warm and comforted, complete and whole, ready to function as you desire it to.

Move the light from the Sun up into your belly region now.  As the light penetrates the lower back and the stomach, see the impurities in your body dump themselves into your colon, and see the intestines work most efficiently to rid the body of that waste.

Now the light moves up your back, across the shoulders and into the chest.  Your heart beats easier and your lungs breathe without restriction.  As you breathe in, the light of the sun flows into your lungs, and with every breath outward, all that is negative and contrary in the universe flows out into the air.  This negativity cannot come back in.  It’s as though you were wearing a filter on your mouth that keeps the bad from coming back into you.

Relax more.  Everything below your neck is now relaxed and working most efficiently.  Your body is whole and perfect, fully functional in every way.

The light now penetrates your arms and hands, illuminating them from the inside.  You can see the bones and the blood vessels in your arms and hands, and you see that there is no restriction of these pipelines and supports.  The blood flows in, is cleansed by the Sun, and it flows away having delivered it’s package of Oxygen to your body.

The back of your neck feels the sunlight now, and it rapidly spreads upwards across your scalp.  Your thinking becomes clear, your thoughts transmitted to your body with the speed of timelessness.  There is no delay in the thought and the action now.  Your brain is illuminated and all those dark shadowed places in your soul are laid bare, showing you what they contain, allowing you to face those negative parts of yourself.

The light continues across your forehead, over your eyes, past your nose and across your mouth.  Now you are the light, the light is in you and around you and part of you.  You open up your hand and pluck the Sun out of the sky and swallow it.  Now that Sunlight is your radiant self shining out of your skin.  You see shadows that are cast by you as you finish your walk through the forest.

At the end of the trail you are on, you find a cave.  You see that it extends deep into the Earth, but you have no fear of the dark since you are light.  You enter this cave, walking carefully to avoid the water puddles you see around you.  But you stop and look into one of those puddles.

You see a scene of your past.  You watch it again and understand what was happening that day that you were not aware of.  You see everything and everyone that was there, clearly and completely.  You see subtitles and you realize that those words are what you were thinking at this time.

You move closer to one of these puddles.  In a second you slip slightly and your foot comes down in the puddle and you find yourself in that scene again, almost as though you were in a three-dimensional fully interactive movie.  You can hear yourself and others, and even hear the conversations you were not able to hear before.

You stand and watch for a bit, and no one sees you or talks to you.  And now you realize what this cave is, it is the Cave of Memory.  Everything you have ever seen or done, every thought, every attitude and event is recorded here in these puddles of water, and you can view them at your pleasure.

You decide to explore your memories another time.

As you walk out of the cave, still shining as the sun, you see the scene different outside.  It is where you decided to go when you started meditating this time.  It can be a problem that you can now look at and interact with, or it can be another place.  Perhaps it is your Temple and the Gods are waiting to teach you again.  It is now up to you to decide what you are going to be doing.

You may wake when you choose to, completely rested, whole and hale, relaxed and de-stressed.  There have been no emergencies while you were gone, and any that come up now you will be able to deal with rationally and calmly.  Everything in your body works perfectly and at peak efficiency.  You are loved.

An audio MP3 of this meditation can be found at http://erinsjournal.com/dmed.mp3 Just right-click and go to “Save As”

Stars light your path.

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