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Coven Initiation

(Note from Daven: This is the ceremony that a initiate should go through when being initiated into a coven. Not all initiates do go through this however.

This is somewhat changed from the ceremony in Buckland’s The Tree. I added a “respect of others” clause due to some problems that may occur when in a coven situation. It does not detract from the ceremony, and adds to it, in my opinion. Plus, there is no oath of secrecy in here. That is good, as it does not scare the new practitioner.)

This ceremony is being written as though the initiate is female. If the reverse is true, the props and person speaking some parts should be changed. It is believed that a male (meaning Priest) should initiate a female and the Priestess initiate a male. Make the appropriate substitutions to this ceremony.

[Erecting the Temple is performed in the normal manner. The Horned Helm rests beside the Altar.

Innate stands outside the Circle awaiting the summons. The innate is nude and wears no jewelry. (Note from Daven: if the Coven normally works robed, or if the innate is uncomfortable with ritual nudity, this should be dispensed with.)]

[Priest puts on the Horned Helm.]

Scribe: Recorded in The Tree is the progress of one who would join us.

Priest: What is her name?

Scribe: She is known as (name).

Priestess: What is her progress?

Scribe: Her Teacher here must advise.

Teacher: As her Teacher do I speak. (Name)’s progress has been true. She has love in her heart.

Priestess: Then should she join with us in the worship of the Mighty Ones. Sow say you all?

All: So Be It!

[Thegn or Covener goes to the side of the Circle, near the Innate and sounds the Horn three times (or rings the Bell). Innate walks into the Circle and moves to stand between the Priest and Priestess. Thegn or Covener uses the Sword to “close up” the Circle where the Innate has passed. He remains where he is, facing inward.]

Priest: I am he who speaks for Woden. What is thy name?

Innate: I am known as (name).

Priest: No longer shall this be so.

[Priest removes the Horned Helm and places it on the ground next to the Altar. He then takes the Salted Water from the Altar and, dipping his fingers in, anoints the innate on the forehead, breasts and genitals saying:]

Priest: In the names of Woden and Freya, may this Sacred Water cleanse you. Let it drive out all impurities; all sadness and hate.

[Priest replaces the water on the Altar, then kisses the Innate full on the lips.]

Priest: In the names of Woden and Freya may you be filled with the Love that should be borne by and for all things.

[Innate kneels and Priest places his hands on her shoulders.]

Priest: Now do I give you a new name. To your Brothers and Sisters of the Craft shall you be known henceforth as (Craft Name). You shall meet with us here in the Circle, or some other like spot, to worship Woden and Freya, and to learn and to love in Their sight.

Innate: So be it!

[Priest kneels facing her and takes her hands in his.]

Priest: What are the names of the Gods?

Innate: We know them as Woden and Freya.

Priest: Are these the Gods you wish to worship above all others?

Innate: They are.

Priest: Do you promise to faithfully attend the Rites held in their honor, so far as you are able?

Innate: I do.

Priest: Do you promise to defend Them from those who would speak ill of Them?

Innate: I do.

Priest: Do you promise to love and honor thy Brothers and Sisters of the Craft; to aid them when in distress; to care for them when sick; to protect and defend them from their enemies, of far as you are able?

Innate: I do.

Priest: Do you promise to respect the privacy of your Brothers and Sisters in the Craft, and not to reveal their names unless given their permission to do so?

Innate: I do.

Priest: Know then, that in all these things are we equal. In all things do we seek for the good of us all. Love is the Law and Love is the Bond.

Innate: Love is the Law and Love is the Bond.

[Both rise and kiss.]

Priest: Now you must meet your kindred.

[Priest leads the Innate around the Circle and introduces her by her Craft Name to each Witch. Each kisses her in greeting. Priestess is the last to greet her. Priest raises the Goblet and slowly pours out the wine on the ground.]

Priest: As this wine drains from the Goblet, so may the blood drain from your body should you ever do aught to harm the Gods, or those in kinship with Their Love. Woden and Freya! So Be It!

Innate: So be it!

[Priest replaces the goblet on the Altar.]

Priestess: Now you are a Witch, and fully one of us.

[Priestess gives her a belt and robe (if worn by the Coven), which she then puts on. Priest gives her a Seax. Others may give her gifts if they so desire.]

Scribe: As a member of this Coven, I must ask you to place your name within The Tree.

[Witch signs her Craft Name in the back of the book. Then follows Cakes and Ale leading to general discussion and celebration until the Clearing of the Temple.]

© Raymond Buckland, 1970, The Tree.  Used by Permission.

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