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Condensed Time


Well, I know it’s been a while, so let me see if I can condense the last few weeks for you all.

Finished the unit, but I need to go back an review the material agian before I take the test. Hope I pass.

Wrote another article, but it’s being edited now and probably won’t be up for a while. Also am in the process of researching a series of articles that I plan on writing on the Gods, to become part of the standard ODU reference works on the deities of the ODU, like the one I wrote about Tailtu (below). Kenn White is also writing some of them, and hopefully it will be up sometime. But it’s also taking a while.

Did my Job Ritual. It’s posted to the site and I think it’s pretty good. One thing that it brought to me was a chance to set up a small car dealership’s only PC. Just something small, but $70 is $70. That may let me get a new tire.

So, that’s about it. Work is alright, although the boss is being an asshole, I’m coping. Trying to get a new job in another area, so keep me in mind for this new job.

Lost a section of the rant on the front page, bless it. I had an additional section to the rant written and posted, then I updated the page from another copy that didn’t have that update, and I lost the new information. Grrrr….

Other than that, nothing new.

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